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Notes from the Weekend

  • Date nights are better when spontaneous and unplanned. Like when you run out of clean jeans and sweatpants so you have to wear dress pants and heels just to run out and grab dinner. And dinner is at a place where you stand and place your order at the counter. Once you’re dressed, it’s inevitable that you will look in the mirror and think, “what the hell. Let’s go all out. After dinner, let’s go to OBERWEISS!”  Special non-occassion = ice cream, in my world.
  • My work outs are twice as intense when I use a personal trainer. Apparently my desire to please people extends beyond my office walls all the way to doing jumping jacks to the tune of “Pump the Jam” just so I can hear the words “good job! Keep it up!” from a woman in spandex.
  • If you walk into a salon and the girl designated to cut your hair begins by telling you that she lost her glasses and has to make due with her reading glasses, run. Run like hell. Or at least demand a different hairdresser, because the bitch can’t see! Don’t just sit there and let her tell you that this is just a part time gig she picked up after 13 years out of the work force and oh by the way, only half of your head has a short layer in the back but “it’s not that noticeable so let’s just leave it.” Professional hairdressers also don’t say things like “The right side is the easy side. I always have trouble getting the left side to be even.” That’s what I get for trying to save a buck on a simple trim. JC Penney Salon? You owe me a haircut.

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