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Oscars 2009

Let’s start with the red carpet.

First of all, while I love E!, I completely despise Ryan Seacrest. I also think E! should strongly consider hiring another interviewer for events where Brangelina might appear because apparently Angelina also despises Ryan Seacrest and continues to snub him. The first time was at the Golden Globes. This time, Seacrest was able to scream a question at Brad who politely (and quickly) answered and walked on. Angelina would not allow herself to even be in the background of the camera shot. So E!, unless you want to continue missing out on precious Brangelina interviews, get someone other than Ryan Seacrest!!

Another idiot moment for Seacrest was when he interviewed Marisa Tomei (who looked gorgeous, as always). He asked her what it was like to be back at the Oscars after so many years and said that the last time she was here was “what? In 1993 for My Cousin Vinny? How does it feel?” to which she replied, slightly annoyed “well I have been here since then, but it’s great.” But what she should’ve said was “Hey asshole, I was here in 2002 when I was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for my 2001 movie, In the Bedroom. Dipshit.” Clearly, Marisa is a much classier woman than me.

Ugh. I really wish other stations would cover the entire red carpet event so I don’t have to subject myself to the stupidity that is Ryan Seacrest.

Moving on…

The dresses!

Brangelina, looking gorgeous as always.


(all images courtesy PerezHilton.com.)

But my favorite dress for the evening was worn by Kate Winslet.


Love the charcoal color, love the layers…very elegant.

Other honorable mentions include:

Beyonce: Though I think I would’ve liked a different pattern/color better, the woman knows how to dress for her body type.


Frieda Pinto: Loved this color but the one arm see-through sleeve makes me itchy. Still beautiful though.friedapinto

I have to admit that I actually had to remind myself what Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress looked like because all I remember about her is: BOOBS!


You can’t tell from this picture, but SJP described the color as “barely mint.”

I could go on and on about the dresses I DIDN’T like, but I’ll save us all some time and just post my most “What the hell was she thinking?” dress:


Miley Cyrus, you’ve managed to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Again.

Other notables from the night:

  • Awkward was how Jennifer Aniston looked while presenting just 10 feet from her former husband and the homewrecker.¬† I was kind of hoping to see her go ballistic and jump down from the stage, emerging into a chatoic cat fight. Angelina probably would’ve won though, but that’s just because I bet she fights dirty.
  • Hugh Jackman did a fantastic job as host. Though I prefer it when comedians host the awards, I think he held his own. And his accent is adorable.
  • Sean Penn neglected to thank his wife during his acceptance speech. I smell a divorce in their future. But this time, for real. None of this filing papers and then reconciling bullshit. I bet they’re kaput before next year’s awards.
  • The Seth Rogan/James Franco short was funny. Stupid, but funny.
  • Tina Fey and Steve Martin. LOVE!
  • Robert Pattinson still managed to look like a vampire. He was just a vampire in a tux. His teeth! They’re so…pointy.
  • Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz had the best acceptance speeches. They were just so genuinely happy and nervous and cute. I never liked Penelope until I saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona but now, I think I can stand her. And part of me wanted to see Anne Hathaway win, but only because she was just so darn excited to be there.
  • And the big winner of the night: Slumdog Millionaire. I admit that I haven’t seen it yet, but after watching all of the interviews and hearing all of the reviews, I really wanted this movie to win. And it did!

What did you think of the awards?

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