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Today was Day 14 of my 30 Day Shred project. And since I have nothing more exciting to talk about, this is all you get.

Day 14 means I’m on Day 4 of Level 2. Which means I’ve been doing things like squat thrusts and plank jacks and gargling my heart. (Seriously, Jillian say she wants me “gargling my heart” by the time I’m done with the oblique twists. She’s definitely trying to kill me.)

The negatives: pain, sore muscles, multiple showers, pain, hard on knees, hard on wrists, sweat, and more pain.

The positives: more energy, 3 lbs lost, increased strength, decreased inches. How many decreased inches? Well I took my measurements on 3/31 and again on 4/4. In 5 days I lost 2 inches in my waist, one inch in my bust, and 3/4 of an inch in my arm, thigh, and hips. IN FIVE DAYS. I probably lost a little more than that since I started the program, but┬ábecause it took me a few days before I could actually find a soft measuring tape, I don’t have official beginning measurements.

Now a word of caution if you’re considering this: be careful with your knees. Level 2 is especially hard on your knees. I don’t have knee problems, but I might by the time the 30 days are up. But as long as I have a nice set of well-defined abs, no one will be looking at my knees anyway. Right? Right.

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