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Every day I think, “I should blog.” And every day I fail to do so because things distract me. I’ve even logged into my account before, stared at the blank space on the screen and then somehow found myself on Twitter or Facebook or Google Reader before I knew what had happened. Maybe I have blogging ADD? Is there such a thing?

I feel like we have so much, yet so little going on right now. Our trip to Hawaii is less than a month away, we’ve already started a new backyard project, and I’ve been tending to all the “little things” like getting us signed up with a family doctor and having the electrical part of my car responsible for operating the sideview mirrors replaced (it’s been out for about six months). All exciting stuff, I know, but it’s stuff that responsible adults are supposed to do and I’m attempting to be a responsible adult.

Anyway, our Easter was quite the snoozer. With no family in town to visit, we slept in, went to 10:30 church service, went in search of proper Easter candy: Cadbury creme eggs and Reese’s PB eggs (by the third store, we found a stash of Cadbury eggs but never could find a Reese’s egg), went to IHOP for brunch, then came home and watched Slumdog Millionaire and Say Anything (hubby had only seen the infamous John Cusack with stereo scene before). We spent about 15 minutes on our backyard project before I deemed the weather too cold to be outside and came in to fix dinner – pasta with spicy red sauce and wine. I’ve spent the last hour and a half doing work stuff and playing on Facebook while my hubs practices Spanish using Rosetta Stone. (He’s getting  a tad frustrated and shouting into the computer microphone. It’s sort of funny. I almost don’t want to tell him he’s pronouncing “esta” improperly which is why the program won’t let him progress to the next session.)

Hope ya’ll had a very happy Easter!

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