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I have my first real doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Don’t worry, nothing is wrong (well, that I know of).  I’ve just wanted a general physician on record for regular check-ups and to have someone at-the-ready when something eventually DOES go wrong. The last time I had my own doctor (gynos don’t count) was my pediatrician. And I think the last time I saw him was junior year of high school when I briefly considered trying out for the school basketball team and needed to show proof of having had a recent physical. Silly public schools and all their rules.

I’m not exactly sure what to expect so I set my unsuspecting husband up with a new doctor in the same building and purposefully scheduled his initial appointment a few days prior to mine. I had hoped they would run blood tests and do a complete body check to make sure everything was normal – inside and out. I’m guessing they don’t do full body MRIs on every new patient, huh? I’m especially interested in knowing our cholesterol levels since it’s something that hasn’t been looked at before. And though I know they won’t do this, I want them to somehow take a look at my arteries and let me know if I have any plaque build up (Yes, I know I ‘m only in my mid-twenties, but I like pizza and cheeseburgers.) I have a bunch of random questions I’ll probably throw out there, just to see what she says. Like, why does the bottom of my right big toe hurt when I wear heels? Or, does this mole look cancerous to you? What about this one? And this one? And this one? And how about this one on my butt? Wait, let me pull my pants down so you can see it better.

What I’d really like to know is why it’s so damn hard for me to lose weight. I’d love to blame it on my thyroid or an incredibly slow and maybe even dead metabolism, but I have a feeling she’s going to tell me my love affair with cheese, chocolate, and carbs is at fault, in which case, I may just need a second opionion. But not before she gives me my lollipop for visiting. Doctor’s still give out lollipops right? Or has Hollywood pulled another fast one on me? Eh, I’ll just bring one from home, just in case. One can never have too many lollipops.

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