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Nintendo Party!

I promised to write more about the Nintendo party I attended, but I’m feeling quite lazy. Plus, Rebekah did such a fabulous job of recapping the event and posting all sorts of photos (I’m in a few!) that I think I’d rather just link to her instead.

Check it out!


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St. Louis is abuzz with All-Star game activity. Though still kicking himself for not taking advantage of the face-value ticket strips for the All-Star game this year, I was able to snag us some tix from work to attend at least some of the festivities happening downtown. So Saturday afternoon, we hopped on the metro and headed downtown to FanFest where we spent a few hours meandering around and scooping up some souvenirs. Afterwards, we had dinner at The Dubliner and took a stroll through the new city garden (which is definitely worth checking out, by the way).

We eventually met up with a couple of friends under the arch for the free Sheryl Crow concert and decided that we weren’t ready to go home yet so we walked down to the Lumiere casino where we gawked at obvious hookers, lost $30, and I drank my first martini in years (I normally stick to beer or weak, fruity drinks, and a martini has always been a “big girl” drink to me that I could never quite master the art of drinking gracefully. I’m getting better.)

At that point I was ready to go home, but our friends wanted to go dancing and my husband was having a good time so I agreed to go, knowing that all my life I have always preferred dancing in my living room over a crowded, sweaty dance floor. So we went to this club called “Big Daddy’s” which could be a clue as to how classy this joint is. The place was packed, and one of the girls we were with made sure to lead us to the very center of it by pushing her way through the crowd, which is exactly what the rest of us had to do in order to follow her. Standing elbow to elbow, back to back and front to front with random strangers, we attempted to dance. After about 6 or 7 songs, I couldn’t stand it anymore and weasled my way out of there. My husband followed and we hung out on the patio for what seemed like almost an hour before our crew came out. They quickly went back in, for reasons I still don’t understand (seriously, who ENJOYS pushing through masses of sweaty people?), and we caught a cab home.

If there was ever a question as to whether or not I enjoy clubs, I know for a fact that now that I hate them. HATE. Maybe that’s the result of my age. Maybe it’s my growing fear of germs, or my growing annoyance of young people in general (I saw a girl taking photos of HER LEGS with her phone in varying poses so she could get the best angle. I watched her do this for about five minutes before I had to look away to keep from walking over to her and thumping her on her pretty but incredibly vain little head.)

So I guess it’s just a sign that I’m getting old(er). Or maybe my tolerance of annoying situations isn’t what it used to be. But seeing as how I’m writing this while watching Harry Potter, wearing a t-shirt I’ve had since high school, I’m going to guess that it’s probably the latter.

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