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Every summer, hubby and I like to take on new house projects. Last year was the deck, and the year before that (or maybe it was two years before) we remodeled our bathroom by tearing out the old cast iron tub and breaking up the dingy old tile floors to put in new, large tile floors and a handicap-accessible shower. We also widened the bathroom door so it would be handicap-accessible too. Now, I’ll be the first to say that we aren’t professionals, as evidenced by the now-cracked tile from our piss-poor tiling job in the bathroom. But while we wait to have that redone, I’ve been debating whether or not we should remove the wallpaper in the bathroom as well. My main reason for this is because it’s the only room in the house WITH wallpaper. The rest of our walls are either painted or just white. But when we bought the house, the bathroom had wallpaper and it wasn’t atrocious to look at so we just left it.

Here’s what our bathroom used to look like:


Can you see the wallpaper? It’s textured with light blues and yellows and white that look like blades of grass.

Here’s what the bathroom looks like now, still with the same wallpaper:


It still sort of matches with my blue, white and yellow theme. I’m mostly happy with the changes but the other problem is this: when we widened the door, we had to remove a small strip of wallpaper that went between the door and the shower. No one saved it (I’m blaming my husband or father-in-law) and though we’ve hunted through various wallpaper stores, we can’t seem to find a match. So there’s a section of wall that’s just white right now and I can either strip all of the wallpaper and paint it blue, to match the checkered tiles at the bottom of the shower (I did that all by myself, thankyouverymuch) or leave the wallpaper up and just paint the small strip either blue or white. It’s mostly covered by a towel hook anyway, or at least it is when I actually go to the effort of putting a towel on the hook.

So what do you think? Keep the so-so wallpaper or ditch it all and slap on a new coat of paint?

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