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I went to the gym for the first time in MONTHS on Monday and boy, could I tell. After just two measly miles and 25 minutes on the treadmill, I tried to get on the elliptical to change up my cardio and I couldn’t even do five minutes because my poor legs just felt so weak. I moved to the weights section to work on my arms and was so disappointed in my performance I just wanted to give up. I just felt like mush. No muscle, all  mush. I know a couple of months is a long time to go without working out, but I feel like I’m back at square one in the workout department and it’s just frustrating. I may as well have never worked out!

And as if it’s not enough that my body is one big pile of mushy mush, my brain is apparently headed in the same direction. I went through the entire process of heating up my Healthy Choice meal only to realize that it had been sitting in the fridge (fridge, not freezer) since Friday and contained meat. I was all the way back to my desk, asking myself if the meat always looked so weird, until I finally realized just how old it was and that it was probably not a great idea to devour it, so I trashed the sucker and stepped outside to pick up a wrap and chips from the deli-type place next door. Except some one decided to stick tiny onion chunks into my wrap. Hate onions. HATE.

So my body is mush, my mind is becoming mush, my lunch contained onions, and my underwear keeps riding up my ass (seriously, WTF Victoria’s Secret?) Know what could make this whole day worse? Hemorrhoids. Oh wait, check. (TMI? Oops.)

Let’s see how long it takes me before I find something else to complain about.


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I wasn’t kidding when I left it up to you guys to decide what we do about the bathroom. Every single person said to paint, so that’s what we did. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get my pictures off of my camera – the cord won’t recognize a new device, and the SD card doesn’t seem to work in either of my computers (work or personal). So that’s annoying. How am I supposed to talk about our kick-ass bathroom and painting job without pictures for the proof? Lame. Grrr.

Anyway, that’s how we spent most of our weekend. I’ll talk more about it once I can actually GET MY CAMERA TO COOPERATE AND SHOW YOU SOME DAMN PICTURES ALREADY! Not that I’m frustrated or anything. Now it’s back to work where I’m insanely busy and stressed and it’s kind of awful but also nice to be employed and not sit around twiddling my thumbs, I guess. When it rains it pours, and all that jazz. I just wish there was a happy medium where I’m not rushed to finish projects so I can actually take some time and think about the best approach and do quality work rather than just making my deadline.

Basically, I just need a good, stiff drink.

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