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Taking Back Summer

With August looming, it’s quickly becoming clear to me that Summer will be over before I know it. And as much as I love fall and all that the season has to offer, I dread the end of summer. For one, this summer has been unseasonably cool, so the humidity and unbearable heat haven’t been much of an issue (unless August has some surprises in store). But with work and the general busy-ness of life, I don’t feel like the hubz and I have really had the chance to enjoy summer. We’ve spent a couple of days by the pool, enjoyed a few afternoon and evening walks at the lake, attended a couple of outdoor concerts with friends and regularly give the mosquitoes in our neighborhood a feast when we have our ritual Saturday night bonfires with the neighbors. (Seriously, could I have cooler neighbors? I think not.) But despite all the great times we’ve had, I dwell on the things we haven’t done – like more baseball games, more weekend trips, more nights going out for ice cream, more fresh veggies on the grill and eating dinner on the deck, more time at the pool…MORE! These are all things I won’t be able to enjoy once the cold rolls in and I know these are the things I’ll look forward to most when Spring arrives next year.

So, taking a cue from Nora and other lovely ladies in the blogosphere, I’m taking back Summer. Work will still be work because that’s something I can’t change, but with a little better planning, I can do all of those things above after work or on the weekends.

For example: Tonight we’re headed to a baseball game and I fully intend to gorge myself on nachos while watching the Cardinals give the Dodgers a serious beating. Then very soon we’ll be spending the weekend in Chicago where I’ve booked us a luxury hotel with plans to eat and drink well, check out the Harry Potter exhibit (because we’re nerds like that) and take in a White Sox game before heading home (since the Cubs are out of town). Our first trip together was to Chicago and we haven’t been back since ’05, so I’m pretty excited about spending a weekend reliving old memories, even if I was just up there last week for work.

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