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And we’re back

I’m still in my post-vacation haze, trying to get back into work-mode and I’m finding the mix of emotions to be a bit more challenging this time around. There’s the post-vacation depression (made worse by the empty-wallet syndrome), the happy-to-be-home smile, comfort and warmth that comes with nuzzling a certain special fur-baby, who has just been bathed and is just so darn happy to see us. Then there’s the foggy-headedness that comes with trying to remember where all of  my 15 work projects stand and then the subsequent, overwhelming stress that hits once I do remember. The same goes for all of our household obligations, like bills that need to paid, customer complaints to Charter that need to be made, and home maintenance work that needs to be scheduled. The strongest desire to clean and organize comes as soon as I walk in the door and realize my home is nowhere near the cleanliness standards of the hotels I’ve been resting my head in for the last few days. And of course, the worry, sadness,  and sympathy that occurs when having to visit my grandpa in the hospital after two cancerous tumors were removed from his colen. But also relief, that it’s over and he’s okay, all things considered.

It’s a lot to take in, especially when the only thing I allowed myself to take in for the last few days were views like this:


But we’re back to reality now. So I’ll post more pics and details of our trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley as soon as I’ve readjusted to my regularly-scheduled life.

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