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Know what sucks?

Not being able to find your wallet, but not quite sure where you could have lost it.

I went to the grocery store after work and carried in just my wallet and cell phone. I know I had it then because I paid for the groceries and walked out. But what happened to it from there, I have no idea. About three hours later, I realized it was gone and after calling the grocery store, scouring the house, the car, and even driving back up to the grocery store to take a spin around the parking lot and harass the cart boy…still no wallet.

So I jumped online and checked my accounts. No activity, which is awesome, but then I had to call my bank and two credit card companies. All made it very easy, except Victoria’s Secret who only takes calls during regular business hours, so I just hope whomever found my wallet doesn’t decide to go on a panty shopping spree tomorrow morning before I can call and cancel it.

I didn’t have much cash on me – just $10 and some change – but I did have a $50 Macy’s gift card, a $25 JC Penney’s gift card and a bunch of loyalty cards/rewards cards. Not to mention my driver’s license which is going to be a HUGE pain the ass to replace. Unless someone has done this before and knows of a way to do this without going into the DMV?

I keep hoping I’ll find my wallet somewhere crazy, like in the freezer, or in the cabinet with the canned goods, or maybe with the recycled grocery bags. But no, I already checked all of those places and I feel a little like a senile old woman for honestly not remembering if I picked it up out of the cart, if I threw it back in my purse, if I dropped it in a grocery bag, or if I carried it upstairs and stuck it in my shoe.

So yeah, losing your wallet sucks.

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