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I knew this day would come. I hadn’t exactly prepared for it, but I knew it would happen some day.

My mom has found my blog.

What does this mean? Well, nothing really. It’s not like I have anything negative to say about my parents, so there was no need to panic when I found out that she knew about it. I guess it just means I can’t write about raunchy sexcapades with the husband and I will have to limit my use of the “F” word (see, I can’t even TYPE it! I have to use quotations! Oh the censorship…) but who am I kidding? I don’t write about that stuff anyway. And truth be told, the only reason I’ve kept this blog a secret from my mother is because I didn’t want every last relative, church friend, and acquaintance knowing about this blog. Because years ago, when I was planning my wedding, I had another blog. A blog I told my mom about. And it seemed every single person my mom talked to suddenly knew about it. My aunts and uncles, my grandparents, my mom’s church friends, and even the woman who made my wedding cake. Why did my cake lady need to know about my blog? “Well I thought it might let her get to know you better and maybe inspire her when she makes your wedding cake,” she said. My mother, always with the best of intentions.

But once all these people knew about my blog, I stopped writing for fear I might offend someone. I can’t talk about hating a particular movie, because what if that was someone’s FAVORITE MOVIE EVER?! Or if someone sent me banana bread and I told them it was delicious only for them to find out that I’m actually allergic to bananas and I was just being nice? Basically, I couldn’t say anything negative about anything for fear someone might take it the wrong way.

This time, I’ve sworn my mom to secrecy (as if that’s ever worked) and hopefully she’ll just keep this our family’s little secret (she already told my step-dad before I could swear her to secrecy. This is obviously going to be a challenge for her.)

I guess I’m just glad I never got around to blogging about her Xmas gifts.

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