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Christmas and Stuff

This year, I got into the Christmas spirit a little earlier than usual. Right after Halloween, I started thinking about all the fun “Christmasey” type stuff I wanted to do. What presents to buy? What cookies to bake? What cards to send?

In years past, the mood didn’t strike me until a week or so after Thanksgiving and by then, it was too late to fit everything in. No special online ordering of presents. No time for cookie baking, unless it’s break-n-bake. No time to wrap everything so just buy a bunch of bags and wrap the super easy stuff. And though it’s not the most important aspect of Christmas, the presents we would give were usually decided upon last minute.

But this year was different.

I baked cookies (twice):

Delicious oatmeal raisin cookies.

And “snowball” cookies.

I also finished my shopping ahead of schedule and spent at LEAST 5 or 6 hours wrapping presents. See?

That’s just one side of the tree. Here’s the other side:

I think it’s time we got a bigger tree.

This year, I was able to take time and really think about what to buy for the hubs. He’s usually pretty hard to shop for because he doesn’t get super excited about anything. Even if he likes it, his reaction is never as great as I would hope. Then again, he’s not five years old and doesn’t squeal with delight over a new toy anymore. He’s also not very forthcoming with the present ideas. I joke that he’s turning into an old man who just asks for socks and underwear. (He really did ask for socks and underwear.)

Because we always wake up at my inlaws on Christmas morning, and becuase we don’t like to haul all of our presents for each other to their house (see photos above. That’s ALL the presents we have to haul with us for Christmas. And somehow fit the dog in the car.), we usually celebrate our own little mini-Christmas here, with just the two of us, the night before we get ready to leave. Except this year, I just couldn’t wait to give him one of his gifts and I suggested we spread out the gift giving a little – one present each night until we leave. That way, the gift has it’s own night to be appreciated, as if it’s the only gift. Or like we’re Jewish and celebrate 8 crazy nights of presents. Whatever.

So the first night, my gift to the hubs was a new pair of snow boots from the North Face. These to be exact. I noticed last year that he doesn’t own one single pair of boots. So if/when it snows this year, he’ll have to go out in his sneakers to shovel snow. Or I’ll go out and shovel it, since I have snow boots that he gave to me last Christmas, which is what I did last year since the hubs was conveniently out of town the day it snowed. But not this year!

And he got me this gorgeous bag (with a laptop pocket) that I can use for work. I really wanted a new work bag. I have a cute red one that my mom got me last year, I think. But I’ve carried it to work every single day for a year now and it’s time to switch it up.

The next evening, as we were getting ready to go to the gym, hubby asked if we could exchange presents again. So we did and he got me this awesome lightweight coat from the Gap that is more casual than my peacoat that I wear to work (and just about everywhere because it’s my only coat). The last few weeks, I’ve just been wearing a zip-up jacket when I go to the gym but it’s just to thin for winter temps, so I was thrilled to get this new coat.

And on a gym-related note, I gave him a super-soft work-out t-shirt with our gym’s logo on it. He had pointed it out about a week or two earlier and I made a mental note.

After the gym, as we were getting ready to go to dinner with our friends Jen & Aaron, hubs decided we should exchange gifts AGAIN. (Not that I’m complaining!) He got me this gorgeous cashmere sweater from Ann Taylor Loft and new tall brown boots. I’m modeling both here, though you can’t see the boots very well.

Did you notice my little snowmen salt & pepper shakers? I love these.

Hubby’s gift was something I ordered online back in early November. In October, while he was in Oklahoma for work, he got to go to a U2 concert. He LOVES U2. Unfortunately, by the time he went to buy a t-shirt, they were all sold out of shirts in his size. So he bought one in my size. For me. Even though I don’t like U2. So I went online and ordered a U2 concert t-shirt in his size that even has the date and location of the show he went to on the back. I was super excited to give this to him and he loved it!

I also got him some new sneakers, but he knew about those so that wasn’t a huge surprise.

I’m kind of digging this daily present idea. I think that until we start celebrating Christmas morning in our own house, we’ll probably continue the tradition.

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