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Time Out

It’s frustrating when you think you’re in control, things are moving at a rapid pace and you know that if you slow down, even for a second, it’s going to screw everything up. But sometimes, life happens. Sometimes, you’re at the gym, trying to get in just one more work out for the week, and your throat starts hurting. You blame it on the dry air, or perhaps just weakness and stress running you down. But then you wake up the next day, and it wasn’t just dry air or stress. It’s the flu. And it’s arrived with a vengeance.

As much as I was looking forward to a weekend of gorgeous spring-like weather, shopping for our upcoming Hawaiian vacation, getting in a couple of workouts and attending a sure-to-be-fabulous Oscar party at a dear friend’s house…well, none of that happened. I spent every waking moment either in bed or on the couch, watching LOST and Clean House. Even worse than the body aches is the feeling of uselessness. So I managed a couple of hours sitting at a desk, doing our taxes. That’s all I managed to accomplish this weekend: taxes. The good news is, we’re getting a pretty good refund, but still, that’s just no way to spend one of the most beautiful weekends this city has seen in months.

So the flu kicked my ass. Woe is me. At least I can look forward to a night of take-out and critiquing the outfits of the rich and famous. How was your weekend?

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