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A good dose of happy

Here’s a list of things making me happy recently:

Tree trimmer is coming TODAY to do some major work to the giant oak tree in our yard and some limb/tree removal in our backyard. It’s long overdue, and I think we’re getting a really good deal.

Daylight savings. While I hate waking up an hour earlier, I LOVE the extra hour of daylight for my evening commute.

Looking at display homes. My parents came in town for the weekend and having little to do after lunch on Sunday, we stopped by a new community to look at all the open display homes. We have no intention of moving there, but we just like to look around.

A delicious cuban sandwich and Cajun fries. ‘Nuff said.

Spring! Even though it was rainy and cold all weekend, I can sense the changing of the season in the air. Definitely a mood-lifter.

Steak dinner with my parents and grandparents. It was the first time this year that we used our grill and the steaks turned out perfect.

A dust-free bedroom. As soon as I started getting over my sickness, my allergies started kicking in. It’s that time of year of course, but I also know I have a pretty severe dust allergy. My husband thinks I’m full of it and EVERYONE is allergic to dust, but I’m beginning to think I’m more sensitive to it than most. Especially when I’m practically living in a giant dust-and-hair-ball thanks to THIS thing:

“Who? Me?”  Yes, you. But I suppose the cuteness is worth the mess and sickness so I put up with it. Even still, the dog hair never ceases to amaze me. It’s everywhere. He doesn’t sleep in our bedroom but it still manages accumulate in my closet, under the furniture, behind the door, in my shoes, even on our sheets and dresser tops. How does it get there?  Even after a thorough dusting  of the room, I still felt sick the next night. Then I realized the state of the rug under our bed. You see, we have all wood floors in our house so we put an area rug under the bed to keep the feet of the bed from making indentions in our floor. I didn’t think about the dust and hair getting so bad under there that it would stick to the rug and make me sick, but apparently it was. And there was no way for me to fit a vacuum under there so on Sunday me, my mom and my husband took off the mattress and box spring and lifted the bed frame so we could remove the rug. There was even dust and dog hair in the creases of my bed frame! I slept SO much better the next night. My mom also  helped me deep clean my kitchen by wiping off the top of the fridge and just about every surface in the room, not just the counters. Who knew a knife block could collect so much dust? Or a spice rack? The hubs wiped off the fan blades and the tops of the cabinets since he’s so much taller. That 6’1 frame pays off every now and again. Apparently I’m either going to have to do more frequent “deep cleanings” around the house or start paying someone to do it.  Anyway, moving on…

Cadbury eggs. My mom knows they’re my favorite so she brought a package of them for me. Good thing too because for the last two years I’ve missed out. Last year I went to at least three different stores looking for them and they were all sold out.

And because I’m really just a big kid at heart, I couldn’t resist putting together my own little Easter basket to sit on our kitchen table.

It makes me happy. What’s making you happy today?

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