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Thanks for all the comments on my last swimsuit post. I was THIS CLOSE to buying the pink and orange one…until my husband said he really liked my blue halter swimsuit. So then I decided that I must have a halter top swimsuit and the search started all over again.

After another hour hemming and hawing, I finally decided on this. It’s definitely not bright, but the color options were limited. Plus it was on sale.

(image from Victoria’s Secret)

I’m a little nervous about the bottoms, not having worn anything other than a swimskirt for years, but I think the belt is cute. I just hope to God my boobs look that good in it.

As I was checking out, this little pop-up window interrupted me and was all “Hey, look at me! I’m a cute yellow halter top dress! Aren’t I adorable? Don’t you want to buy me? I’m only $29 and I look GREAT on the beach.” And I said, “why yes, you ARE adorable! I must have you. In turquoise, and a little longer in length so my ass doesn’t show when I bend over.” And the dress replied, “I can do that!”

So now I will soon be the proud owner of this cute beach dress.

(image from Victoria’s Secret)

Mine will be about 5 inches longer, which cost me an extra $10 but I still think it will look great.

Now to find the right sandals…

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