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For the 4th of July weekend, my in-laws came to visit. Not just my FIL and MIL, oh no. My SIL, her husband, our niece and three nephews all came to visit as well. There was only one night where everyone slept under the same roof, but it’s been roughly a week of non-stop visitors at Casa de Liz and though I don’t mean it in a negative way, I was really glad when everyone finally left on Wednesday morning. Despite my husband’s cleaning efforts (he had time off, so he cleaned while I worked), the house is yet a wreck again. Not so much cluttered, but there seems to be a layer of stickiness on every surface in my house. The refrigerator, especially the handle, the stair rails, the arm of the couch, the doorknobs, and of course, the floor. It’s like I need to take a wet wipe (or 20) and run around the house, wiping down every visible surface.

Oh and my parents were in town, but they ended up staying with my grandparents. It was either that or sleep in the kitchen. The strangest thing about having the in-laws visit is that it never seems like we do much of anything except eat. Eating is the activity for the day. Everything we do revolves around the next meal. Want to go fishing? Well we better do it early before our lunch plans at this restaurant and our dinner plans at this restaurant. Want to go to a winery? Well we better go now because it’s kind of far and we need to be back in time for dinner at another restaurant. And those were just MY responses. :)

So we did a lot of eating. We also spent some time at the park (I got not one, but TWO runs in over the weekend). We had date night with my SIL and her husband during which we visited a comedy club for one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a LONG time. Hubs took his dad to the casino, and they also fished a couple of times. The fam went shopping, we visited a winery, and hubby’s aunt and her family came over to visit. It’s funny because she lives maybe 25 minutes away from us but we only seem to see her when hubby’s parents come to visit. So all in all, a pretty great visit. The only thing I didn’t do much of was sleep, and I’m certainly feeling the effects this week. Oh and we celebrated my grandma’s birthday along with my FIL’s birthday. I ordered a cake with both of their names on it and it was mighty tasty (and sugar-free!).

The night of the 4th, we watched fireworks from a mall parking lot where we could see not one, not two, but three city fireworks displays going off simultaneously. It’s our favorite place to watch fireworks.

And that, folks, was our 4th of July holiday. Hope yours was just as hectic great.

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