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It’s no secret that I’m a tad addicted to DIY/Home Improvement/Design/Dwell-type blogs. We’re currently in that do-we-dump-more-money-into-this-house-or-do-we-sell-it stage, so I haven’t been able to put much of my design inspiration to good use. For example, I’d love to get bamboo shades or wood blinds for my windows to replace our current fine-but-lackluster white mini-blinds. I’d also love to get pendant light fixtures. Or try DIYing some wainscoting or crown moulding. True, these things could potentially add to the value of our home, but our house is already at the top of the price list for our neighborhood so adding even more would likely only hurt us because we’d just lose money on our investment. So as much as I’d love to spruce up our house and show you the results, I can’t. Instead, I’ll show you things I’ve already done, be it recently or a few years ago.

One simple thing I did a long time ago, and that I’d like to share with you, is the quick and easy task of just adding a slipcover to an outdated couch, like this one.

This is our loveseat, part of a set that was handed down to me by my parents when I moved into my first apartment. I love the structure and comfort of it, but obviously the fabric is just plain hideous. Unless you live in an adobe in New Mexico. So what did I do? Well, I went to Target and purchased a slipcover and some throw pillows. And now, my little loveseat looks like this:

Please forgive the camera phone photos, but isn’t that so much better? I’m not in love with the throw pillows since they’re not very sturdy and make the couch look more “sloppy” than I would like, but at least it’s comfortable.

The other great thing about slipcovers is the option to routinely take it off and wash it. I have a dog. A very hair dog. So it’s nice to be able to remove the slipcover, throw it in the wash, and put it back on once it’s all fresh and clean and dog-hair free.

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