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Life is good. I’m young(ish), healthy, and happily married to a tall, handsome man. We own a house and a lovable, well-behaved dog (that is, when he’s not busy killing rabbits). We have our small group of friends, our twice-a-year vacations, and good wine.

We have good relations with our family, and see them as often as possible. We regularly count our blessings for all that is good in life and have lived the last few years in complete contentment, wanting for nothing.

But lately, we’ve just felt the need for some sort of change. Maybe we just need to change up our decorating. Maybe we need to move to a new subdivision. Maybe we need to start planning our next vacation to give us something to work toward and look forward to. Maybe we need to set some financial goals. Maybe we need some new hobbies. Maybe we need to start talking about growing our family. I’m not exactly sure what these changes will entail, but no matter what, it’s pretty clear that it’s time to change SOMETHING.

But what?

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