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Perhaps my favorite blogger of all time posted a story (with illustrations! Because that’s what she does) about cake. And it would be a tragedy for me not to share this with you.


Favorite line of the story: No one could tell me not to eat an entire cake – not my mom, not Santa, not God – no one.  I would eat cake whenever I damn well pleased.  It was my cake and everyone else could go fuck themselves. 

You’re welcome.

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Making Lists

I’m a notorious list maker. I have at least a dozen different lists that I keep on my iPhone. Grocery lists, Target lists, Home Improvement lists, Errand lists, Travel Lists, General To-D0 lists, and yes, even an Xmas list (in October, no less).

Some of the things on my weekend to-do list:

  • Laundry
  • Grocery shopping
  • Go to the gym – twice
  • Catch up on my DVR before it starts erasing stuff
  • Give the house a good dusting/wipe down. (Yes, the house is still for sale and while I’m pretty good at keeping it picked up, the last few weekends I’ve been out of town so I haven’t had time to do things like clean the toilets, mop the floors, dust, etc.)
  • Visit my grandparents
  • Take the dog to the park for some quality fetch time
  • Yardwork
  • Send some snail mail
  • Write up a meal plan for next week
  • Get out a few fall decorations (leaving the Halloween decor in the basement though, since we are still trying to sell this place.)
  • Catch up on my Google Reader
  • Catch up on my sleep

Phew, I’m exhausted already. Perhaps I’ll move that last one up to #1.

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