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I always miss New York this time of year. The bright lights gleaming off of every slick surface, the sound of cars and people rushing by, the smell of roasted nuts from a street vendor – I miss it all. Sometimes I’d visit Rockefeller Center and just stare at the giant, decorated spruce as people skated round and round on the ice below. I remember how cold my cheeks always felt, as the wind would whizz past the skyscrapers. I remember the smell of my chapstick, which always seemed to mix with my perfume and hand lotion in a combination of vanilla, chocolate, and Carmex. My hair, always down, would constantly be in my face and I’d have to turn toward the wind to blow it out, rather than risk removing my warm, gloved hands from the pockets of my peacoat. I’d seek shelter from the wind in the subway stations, which never smelled as bad as they do on a hot summer day. Sometimes crammed like sardines, but never minding the extra warmth, as long as we had layers of cotton and polyester padding between us. I remember the sheer joy and excitement the city always brought to me, just by being there. I’d take a deep, cold breath and let it fill my lungs, realizing my surroundings and just how far from home I really was, and thankful for every, single moment.

I always miss New York this time of year.

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30 Before 30

I’ve been working on this list for at least a month. I’m not sure if it’s harder to come up with 30 worthwhile things to do before I’m 30 years old, or harder to come up with 30 things I actually think I can manage to do in the next 1.5 years. I’m a realist, after all.

1. Visit another country (On the list? England, Scotland, Ireland)

2. Spend a weekend in Vegas

3. Lose 20 lbs.

4. Work on my scrapbook of all of our vacations until it’s up-to-date

5. Make a photo book for our 5 year anniversary (which is in May 2011)

6. Do something with my wedding dress. Any ideas?

7. Spend an entire weekend baking cookies with my mom, like we used to around the holidays when I was little. (This is happening THIS WEEKEND!! I’m so excited! Also, not going to be making progress on #3. Eh, you win some you lose some. Or none at all. Sigh.)

8. Keep a gratitude journal (I started this a few months ago, kept it going for about a month, and need to pick it back up.)

9. Make some serious headway toward writing a book. Even if I’m the only person to ever read it.

10. Ride in a hot air balloon.

11. Take a girls-only trip somewhere. Make it last at least all weekend.

12. Return to Hawaii. (Just booked our anniversary trip to Maui! I know. I hate me too.)

13. Get professional photos taken. We never took engagement photos. We used an amateur photographer friend for our wedding. I want some REAL photos.

14. Do more volunteering. I used to do quite a bit of this, but lately it’s been on the back-burner. I need to commit to an organization and stick with it instead of bouncing around and helping out at random events.

15. Run an 5K. And NOT half-ass it this time.

16. Re-learn Spanish. (I own Rosetta Stone, but haven’t taken the time to use it.)

17. Sing karaoke. Like, in front of other people.

18. Organize and back-up my entire music collection.

19. Organize and back-up my entire photo collection.

20. Take Mac classes so I know how to use my new Macbook rather than just petting its pretty, shiny coat.

21. Take charge of my finances. Set a budget. Know that the heck is going on with my 401K. Check my credit score.

22. Reduce my dependency on caffeine and artificial sweeteners.

23. Visit at least three new MLB stadiums that we’ve never visited before.

24. Redecorate/paint the spare bedrooms.

25. Take shooting lessons.

26. Buy my own gun.

27. Treat myself to a spa day.

28. Do something spontaneously nice for a random stranger. Like pay for someone’s meal in the drive-through behind me.

29. Re-learn the piano and teach myself how to play at least three songs by memory.

30. Go “offline” for an entire week – no phone, email, social media, blogs, etc.

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