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Little Lion Man was the first Mumford & Sons song I had ever heard. Instantly, I was hooked and ended up downloading the entire Sigh No More album on iTunes without even previewing it. Then a couple of months ago, word quickly spread that they were coming to STL at one of our smaller venues. When tickets went on sale, I was online and ready, but apparently so was everyone else. Including all of those ticket scammer jerks that purchase tix at face value, times it by 5, and then sell it to people like me. Still, I was determined to go. So I took a deep breath and paid 5 times the face value for two tickets for last night’s show.

And the verdict? Totally worth it. (Even if my crappy iPhone photo below would lead you to believe otherwise.)

Even though we took our time enjoying a lovely pizza dinner al fresco, we were able to snag a spot in the balcony in the center of the venue, and just steps away from the bar. A group of four dudes were sitting on stools in front of us, so they were the only thing really blocking our view. Until about half way through the show when one of the guys graciously gave up his seat to me. He was about 6’5 so I’m pretty sure he didn’t have any difficulty seeing over a seated 5’4 me.

I love going to concerts. I mean, I REALLY love going to concerts. I especially love it when the band sounds just as good (or better) live than on their album. Mumford & Sons is one of those bands. And most of their songs are pretty high-energy so it’s fun to sing and dance around, yelling the lyrics at the top of your lungs, pumping your fist in the air, along with all of those other crazy fans. It’s one of the few, happy instances in which people can come together as strangers, and yet still feel some sort of camaraderie, if only for a little while. Or at least until a bitch tries to steal your spot and you end up taking an elbow to her ribcage.

*Title is a lyric from “Roll Away Your Stone”

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