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I Heart Summer

There’s just something about summer that gets me motivated to make the most out of life. Maybe it’s the fact that all of my favorite shows are on hiatus and there’s nothing good on TV to watch, but my usual lazy self feels that as long as it’s daylight, I should be moving, not sitting on my bum on the couch. But what to do? When the weather was cold and crappy, nothing sounded entertaining. I didn’t want to cook or bake because it made a mess and usually required trips to the grocery store. I didn’t want to work out because I hate getting sweaty, mostly because it requires a nighttime shower, which means that unless I want to get up super early and do something about my hair, I’ll have to wear it in a pony tail. And there was NO WAY I was getting up before work at O’Dark-Thirty. If the sun isn’t up, I don’t get up. Or at least, I don’t get up easily. I thought about volunteering, but I didn’t want to commit. I could’ve worked on my house, but last fall/early winter, we were trying to sell our house so why would I dump money into a place that I’m already probably going to lose money on anyway? For every hobby idea, I had an excuse. And yet, I was SO BORED!

Now? Everything sounds like fun!

Cooking? Yes! Ever since we got back from Hawaii I’ve been dying to figure out how to make the perfect fish tacos. First attempt? Not too shabby. But I need more practice. And because I’m a nerd, here’s a picture of them.

Baking? Absolutely! I’ve pinned about two dozen recipes on Pinterest and am just waiting for the right occasion to try one of them.

Gardening? Why not! The apocalypse is coming so we should probably figure out how to become self-sufficient. The hubs and I bought a little seed starter tray and a bunch of different veggie and melon seed packets. Then the other day we bought a raised garden bed with plans to move the seedlings (which have already sprouted) over to it this weekend.

Volunteering? Of course! My aunt volunteers at a local food pantry and one of the board members needed some help with a fundraising idea he’s trying to get off the ground. The hubs and I stepped in to help him and so far it’s been fun “working” together on this new side project.

Reading? You bet! I try to squeeze in about 30 minutes a night before bed, just to relax and let my eyes get droopy. And my “to-read” list is out of control.

House projects? Where to start?! Even though we still don’t plan on staying in our current house longer than another two years, there are some simple things I could do to make it a bit more stylish and cozy. I bought curtains for the living room months ago and still have yet to hang them. I’ve also been wanting to paint a couple of rooms and get some new artwork for the walls. There’s also lots to be done to the yard. My yearly flowers are blooming but so are the weeds and before the summer escapes me, I’d like to clean it up so I can enjoy our backyard for a couple of months and perhaps host a summer party.

In addition to all of these things, we have a long list of summer fun activities – summer concerts, lazy days at the pool, a couple of road trips, and now that we have a season’s pass to Six Flags, we’ll probably venture there a few times. It’s going to be a busy good summer.



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