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This whole “foot-in-a-boot” thing is really starting to get annoying. Even more annoying is how many times I’ve had to say “stress fracture” to every single person I encounter. I appreciate everyone’s concern, it’s just…getting old. And for whatever reason, every woman I see has on the CUTEST SHOES! Ugh. Infuriating.

I want to wear cute shoes! I want to go running and not feel like a gimpy walrus. 

My ass hurts from sitting on it all the time. My hips hurt from walking funny. My knee hurts from the added stress. I’m starting to wonder if I was better off with a fractured foot. At least everything else was okay then.

Then again, I could just be cranky. I’m a little overwhelmed by all the little things I want/need to do. I’m drowning in to-do lists, even though the majority of the items on it are things I want to do just so I’m more organized. Or because I volunteered to do it. But when it comes down to it, the only thing I really feel like doing at the moment is reading Bossypants and going to bed.

So maybe I’ll do that.

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