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The in-laws are coming in town on Friday with our 6-year-old nephew and I didn’t get nearly as much done this weekend as I would’ve hoped. Which means this week, between work and all that’s going on there, I have to do a ton of stuff around my house. Primarily, clean it. I’ve been really good at keeping it uncluttered lately but the whole “clean” part is alluding me. Of course, like everything else, I tend to get a littler¬†overzealous¬†about things and take it upon myself to do the most thorough cleaning job in the history of cleaning. At the onset, I look something like this, but with brown hair:

I fervently swoop into cleaning action, but by the time I finish dusting the ceiling fan and…actually that’s it. As soon as I finish dusting the ceiling fan*, I look something like this:

(Images politely borrowed from the funniest blogger I’ve ever read, Allie Brosh at Hyperbole & a Half)

And then I pour myself a glass of wine and check Facebook. Sadly, no one ever posts about how much they’re cleaning so as to somehow motivate me back into productive mode. Usually they’re off doing fun things, like eating something delicious or buying something expensive. ¬†Sometimes they’re doing other things like working out or studying for some big test or getting a medical exam, which doesn’t sound fun until you realize it’s not cleaning so I’d much rather be doing it.

*There is a strategy to my cleaning. I start with the ceiling fan in my bedroom because it is, in my opinion, the highest point of my house and I tend to prefer to start high and clean my way down. I also like to dust, before cleaning the floors or changing the sheets because if dust from the ceiling fan falls on the bed or the floor, I’d much rather it fall on my dirty sheets and dirty floors. Logical, yes? This means, of course, that I have the cleanest ceiling fan of anyone you probably know, but my basement hasn’t been touched since 2003…when the previous owners still lived there.

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