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I’ve been going through some old blog posts, something I rarely do, but I’m planning to go a bit more public with this whole blog thing and wanted to make sure I haven’t said anything that could a) piss off anyone that knows me in real-life or b) get me fired.

Anyway, I found this old post from Feb. 2009 about all the celebs that have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. The first adopters were Ashton and Demi and I put out a public plea for them to sign-up every celebrity so we could put an end to all this paparazzi business.

So Ashton and Demi, get all your other famous friends on Twitter and let’s start a movement. If you can get Brangelina on Twitter, I will personally pledge to never buy another tabloid magazine again.

Other, non-A-list celebs on Twitter are probably noticing a slight boost in their suffering careers. Or at least keeping their names out there (yeah, I’m looking at you @freddurst and @mchammer). Some of my own personal faves: @elijahwood (my teen crush) and @davejmatthews. Now if only John Stamos would sign-up…

I forgot I ever made the John Stamos comment, but it appears John got the message and  my wishes came true.  I am henceforth holding myself solely responsible as the reason @JohnStamos finally joined “the Twitter.” I mean, that’s the only possible explanation! There’s no way he just woke up one morning and thought, “Ya know what? I think I’ll see what this Twitter thing is all about.” It’s WAY more likely that he got up, made a cup of coffee, and checked my blog, just like he does every morning, and decided to take my advice. He never comments, but that’s okay. I know he’s just shy.

*Alternately titled: Liz is Delusional

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