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Two Pink Lines

This post was written on Sept 22, en route to NYC for a work trip. 

The last few days have been nothing but disappointment. Frustrations at work, continued foot problems, and worst of all, cramps that feel as if my period is about to start. The last one is especially frustrating since I had high hopes for this month. We did everything right. I did the daily ovulation tests and when there were two lines, indicating ovulation (ironically enough on our 7 year meet-day anniversary), we were right on time if you know what I mean. (And I think you do.)

With the ovulation kit comes a similar set of pregnancy tests, but nothing at all to tell you when to take it. Since it’s just a simple test designed to sense hCG, I figured it would be just as effective as one of those more expensive tests, like First Response, that says it can tell up to 5 days before your expected period. So I took it,  about two days before my expected period*, with negative results.

*Expected period is tricky, since I’ve been about 3 or 4 days to up to a week late ever since I stopped taking birth control back in May. I took the initial test on the 26th day of my cycle. I knew it was a bit premature, but I figure, a hormone is a hormone and if it was present, the test would tell me. That was Thursday, Sept. 15.

After that, my mood dropped, I popped open a beer and drowned my sorrows in a few extra carbs. I was still hopeful that it was just too early to tell, but I figured it was a slim-to-none chance. The next couple of days went on per usual. Then I noticed PMS-like symptoms. Minor breakouts on my forehead, lower back pain that lasted for two days, slight cramping, and some IBS. All typical PMS symptoms for me. I threw a few tampons in my purse and began the wait. Saturday, the 28th day of my cycle, came and went with little fanfare. I expected Tues. or Wed. to be the day my period would start, based on all the symptoms. Tuesday night, I took another one of those dinky little tests, just to see if there was any change. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me because I could see just a teensy tiny outline of the “pregnant” indicator line. But, I chalked it up to wishful thinking. It was as faint as faint can get so I considered it a negative. But then it hit me that maybe there’s a reason those First Response tests are so expensive and have those early prediction claims. I still had one of my “fancy” tests in the bottom drawer and decided that if my period didn’t come by Thursday morning, I’d take the test, just so I would know once and for all that this month was a complete wash.

I had other things on my mind anyway. I had to pack and take care of work things before a work conference. I had to leave the house Thurs. morning around 9am to get to the airport. I almost forgot about taking the test again until I was tossing more tampons in my suitcase. I no longer felt like I was about to start my period, but I wasn’t sure. So I mustered up a little pee. I knew it wouldn’t be much so I peed in a cup, just like I did with my ovulation tests. Then I dipped the stick in for about 5 seconds and laid it flat. Within a matter of seconds, the indicator window turned wet and my heart sank. For all of two seconds, when it appeared. Two pink lines. Solid pink lines. In less than 15 seconds. There was no question of “is it or isn’t it”? There they were, bold and beautiful. I looked up into the mirror and squealed! I’ve never had a positive pregnancy test before! I was so excited that I wanted to call Ryan immediately but I wanted to see his reaction in person. I had about 15 minutes before I had to leave the house so I put the cap on my little test like a kid preparing for show and tell, and hid the evidence of the test wrapper back in the drawer until I could tell him in person. He’s scheduled to fly into NYC to meet me on Friday night. Can I wait 36 hours to tell him?

I’m over the moon excited and want to shout it from the rooftops but I know we need to wait. I can’t help but feel incredibly lucky that the first month where we’ve actually tried, we’ve done it. This was the month I was hoping for. It means our little boy or girl will be born in the late spring, right around our anniversary, my 30th birthday, and my mom’s 50th birthday. I couldn’t think of a better birthday present and I’m so happy to think that this may just all work out after all.

Next on my list is how do we tell our parents? And more importantly, when? We’re seeing them next week, together, for a football game in Louisville. Completely serendipitous that we just planned this and that the six of us will be together. We always said we would wait the standard amount of time to tell anyone, but I really don’t think we can pass up the moment to tell both families, together, at the same time. Hopefully Ryan will agree and we’ll plan something cute to announce it  to them (while asking them to keep it quiet until we’re passed the first trimester).

Next on my list:

#1 How to tell Ryan

#2 How to tell our parents

#3 Schedule doc appt.

#4 Nursery plans

#5 How to tell sisters/grandparents

#6 How to announce? Perhaps announcements on Xmas cards?

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