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Blue or Pink?

This post was written Sept. 28.

I’m already wondering what the gender of this baby will be. I’m just at 5 weeks right now, but I figure the chromosomes are already decided so I’m starting to over-analyze symptoms.  It’s what I do.

So far…

No morning sickness = boy (though it’s way too early to tell, since the morning sickness stuff is probably yet to come)

(Updated to add: Morning sickness is a joke. Let’s be more accurate and call it “all-day-sickness.” Because that’s what it is and that’s what hit me around week 7. Boo.)

Craving ONLY salty foods = boy. No sweet cravings at all, which is unusual for me.

(Updated to add: This changed too. And then changed back again. Some days I want cupcakes, some days I want pickles and BBQ chips. Weird.)

Constipation and mild heartburn. Although I hear they’re common with pregnancy in general so that’s not gender specific.

BUT the Chinese birth chart says girl, according to my age and conception date. So…I guess we’ll find out in a few months! The hubs definitely wants a boy. I want one of each so if we have a girl first, I’m totally cool with that, but then the pressure would be on for #2 to be a boy, and that I don’t like so much. So I kind of want a boy first just to appease the hubs and get it out of the way, as bad as that sounds. Plus, we already have a boy name picked out. Girl names? Not so much. I’ve narrowed the middle name down to three names that we really like that have meaning for our families, but first names are TOUGH! Picking names is stressful business.

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