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Stuck in Limbo

Post written Oct. 20.

I feel like I’m stuck in limbo.  I’m still waiting to go to my first doctor’s appointment (five more days). I battle constant nausea throughout the day. I haven’t eaten hardly any vegetables because I can’t seem to stomach them. I take four different vitamins (prenatal, vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium) that make my stomach hurt. I know I had hoped to do some light working out starting a few weeks ago but then I got sick and still haven’t fully recovered. I’m about 95% now but I’m already thinking of excuses not to go to the gym (it’s cold, the World Series is on – Go Cards! – , I’m tired, I need to run errands instead, etc.).

I just want to go to the doc next week, have her tell me everything is progressing nicely, hear a heartbeat, and start getting some energy/motivation to work out again and get back to eating healthy. These are my goals.

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8 Weeks

Post written Oct. 17

Well it’s Monday morning and I’m feeling less than stellar. Woke up feeling okay, took a shower, and then the gas pains hit me. Good news: I’m not constipated today. I’m on day 11 of this stupid cold but feeling better today in that area than the days before so maybe it’s subsiding. I still have another week +1 day until my first doctor’s appointment, so my estimates are that I’m just about at 8 weeks.

Symptoms as of late:


Gas/bloating – depending on what I eat

Aversion to most foods unless it involves cheese or bread, preferably both. All meat is a turnoff right now, as are sweets.

Oh and a UTI that I thankfully caught in the beginning stages and started taking my pregnancy-safe antibiotics.

Thing I’m most excited about:

The doctor’s appointment and making sure everything is A-OK of course, but after that, maternity clothes. My regular clothes are already feeling snug. I bought a Bella Band from Target the other day, just in case I hit a day when buttoning my pants becomes unbearable, but even things like my underwear are feeling tighter than usual and I can’t stand tight underwear. Then again, I’m just barely 8 weeks and I feel like it’s just too early to already start wearing maternity clothes. But hey, I guess whatever makes me comfortable, right? Too bad I can’t use that excuse at work and come in wearing my pajama bottoms.

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