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Post written Nov. 14.

Yesterday we went to Babies R Us, just to look around and get some general ideas on pricing of key baby items.

Here’s what we learned:

  • Babies are expensive. But their stuff is even more expensive.
  • Girls = pink everything and boys = blue everything. And gender neutral = green/yellow. I’m not a fan of these limited design choices.
  • Breast pumps are scary looking.
  • My husband and I have similar taste when it comes to furniture. This is good.
  • The lower the rocking chair, the harder it is to get out of it. Especially with a baby (or pretend baby, such as your purse) in your arms.
  • High chairs, strollers, car seats, pack and plays, play seats, etc. are overwhelming. Why can’t someone just tell me which is the safest and easiest to use? Instead I’m going to have to research all of these things. Do not like.

I didn’t have the patience to start my registry that day, but I need to before the holidays hit just in case some gracious friends and family members want to buy us baby items for Xmas.

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Pet Peeves

Post written Nov. 8

I told the workplace yesterday. Well, I told my supervisor and my boss (Two different people. Yes, there’s a difference in those two titles at my workplace). It was a little awkward since I didn’t really have any special announcement plan in place. I simply said, “Well, I’m having a baby.” And that was that. They’re both really happy for me and super supportive so that’s a plus. And even though I’m already sporting a maternity shirt today, I’m still not openly telling people at work simply because I don’t want to get asked a bajillion questions yet. I’m still a bit of a worry wart and hoping to make it through my 12 week appointment with another “all-clear” before I’m comfortable openly talking about it with non-family members.

I remember so many women talking about all of their pet peeves once they get pregnant. And some of the stories were quite astounding as to just how ignorant some people can be. So far, I only have a few annoyances that top my list. Most of them don’t really have to do with other people, but I guess that will come in time.

1. The term “prego.” I hate it. I am not a jar of a spaghetti sauce, thankyouverymuch. I also don’t care for the word “preggers” but it’s slightly more tolerable than “prego” so I deal with it. Another annoying term: Knocked Up. If only because this reminds me of a sometimes hilarious but stupid movie by the same name. I pretty much hated Seth Rogen’s character for being a total douchecanoe and therefore would rather not be reminded of that movie. But while we’re on the topic, words I DO prefer are: expecting, growing a baby, bun in the oven, and the ever simple yet accurate: pregnant.

2. The lack of fashionable maternity clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m LOVING my maternity tank tops, pajama pants, underwear, and as soon as I find some maternity jeans in my size, I’m sure I’ll never want to take them off. But what’s with all the flowery print patterns and crappy material? It’s like maternity stores know you’re only going to be wearing these clothes for a couple of months so they didn’t feel the need to put quality tailoring into them. Yet they charge you double the price simply because it says “maternity” on it. I’m tempted to start creating my own maternity style boards, even though I’m usually the last person anyone would ever consult for fashion advice. Even I don’t like my own wardrobe. I just can’t find anything good out there. Or rather, anything good at a price I’m willing to pay.

3. Pregnant celebrities. I’m looking at you Giselle and Gwenyth Paltrow. My latest issue of US Weekly had quotes from both of them about how they only gained about 15lbs and were very strict about their diets and exercise regimen before, during, and after baby. Well you know what? I don’t have a personal assistant or chef to make healthy foods tasty enough for me to eat. And considering all the nausea, if all I can stomach is a cheese quesadilla, then so be it.  Hold the heartburn-inducing salsa though, please.

And that’s really all I’ve got so far. I’m sure the pet peeves will pile up as the months go on.

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Telling the Grandparents

Post written Nov. 7.

This weekend was pretty productive in the baby department.

First, we spent some time on Saturday taking photos for our announcement/Christmas card. I spent way too much time getting all dolled up only to not even use a photo of my face. I also spent way too much time going through and testing all the different holiday themes from Shutterfly.com. I swear I made at least 20 cards before deciding on one that was just right. Now I just hope they turn out okay.

Later that afternoon I went through all of my drawers and removed clothing items that currently do not fit and most likely will not fit until next October, if I’m lucky. This was a somewhat depressing but freeing experience because I have so many clothes that I have held onto even though they’re a little uncomfortable due to fabric, tightness, etc. At this point, I’m having zero patience with clothing items that aren’t 100% comfortable so I was able to easily remove them from my bedroom and stack them up in our spare bedroom (aka future nursery) for eventual storing.

On Sunday, we told our big news to my grandparents. We had originally wanted to wait until Thanksgiving but my mom was pressuring us to tell them sooner. We thought it might be more fun if the rest of the family was there to witness an announcement during grace but I think the way we did it was a much better idea anyway.

Since we typically play cards with my grandparents, Ryan had the idea to write on some of the cards “We’re having a baby!” and then whenever we dealt them out, they’d see them. There wasn’t room to write them on all the cards so I just wrote it on the aces. (We play pinochle so there are 8 aces, but the spades were too big so I just wrote it on six of them and hoped they’d each get at least one.) I wasn’t sure how they’d react because my grandpa has always said, “Don’t rush into having kids. Focus on your career. Make VP first.” and since I’m still not VP, I wasn’t sure if he’d be negative at all. But I can’t put my life on hold for the workplace anymore so I was prepared to argue with him if he did. On top of that, I can’t think of anyone in the family where announcing a pregnancy was a good thing. Everyone has always been too young, unmarried, jobless, etc. No one has ever been traditional in that they got married, bought a house, had stable jobs, and then had kids. My family always does those things backwards. So it’s probably a new sensation for them to have no reason to be unhappy about a family member being pregnant. I made sure to tell Ryan this beforehand just in case the reaction wasn’t what we hoped for.

Fortunately, it went well. My grandma looked at her cards first and she looked up, shocked, but with a smile on her face. Then my grandpa looked at his and goes, “Where the heck did these cards come from?” Then he turned around one of his cards and read it and just smiled and nodded and said “Well, I’m happy about it,” and then we played cards. I think they were both just shocked. But then he was making jokes later on about how horrible his hand was and how “I don’t even have any babies! I have a bunch of 9-year-olds…” (He was referring to nines, which are the lowest counting cards in the deck, aces being high.) That was pretty funny. Then before we left he was telling Ryan all these stories about me when I was little and how fun I was. So I’m pretty sure they were excited. They’re just not emotional people that show excitement like that. But it was still fun and I’m glad we did it that way.

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Random Bits and Updates

Post written Nov. 4.

It’s official. I have only TWO pairs of work pants that still fit without assistance from the BeBand (Target’s belly band). And today is the first day that I’ve actually worn it since my favorite black maxi skirt was still damp in the dryer this morning. (It may not be the most flattering, but it is the most comfortable.)

I’m still fighting some indigestion/digestive issues which makes things mildly uncomfortable but all in all, it’s tolerable.

I scheduled my first tri screening for Down Syndrome and Trisomy 18, which will take place the same day as my next OBGYN appointment. Nothing like a day full of doctor’s appointments! I’m told they’re going to do a blood draw, which I’m not looking forward to since I just had one done at my first OB appointment last week. The nurses always have a hard time finding the vein and then they scold me for not drinking enough water (as hard-to-find veins typically means dehydration, I suppose.)

At this point, we’ve told most of our close friends, which is a whopping 8-10 people, plus our parents and Ryan’s sisters. I’m still debating on when to tell my grandparents. Maybe this weekend, if I can get my plan in place.

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Post written Nov. 2

I’m exactly 10 weeks now and I finally caved and ordered some maternity clothes. Old Navy was having a 25% off online-only sale and so I jumped. Three tank tops, two pairs of leggings, yoga pants, flannel pj pants, black work pants, a fleece jacket, a maxi skirt and a jean jacket later….and I only spent $168. I still need to buy two pairs of jeans, a couple of sweater dresses, a couple of sweaters/tunics, underwear, a winter coat and another couple of pairs of work pants and I think I’ll be all set this winter. I’m rationalizing all of this because I was long overdue for a new fall/winter wardrobe anyway. If I can get away with an entire wardrobe for less than $500, I’ll pat myself on the back.

In other news, I think I might be starting to feel better. I was able to stomach some healthier foods yesterday and today (asparagus! apples! oatmeal!), although I couldn’t eat hardly anything last night for dinner except a few bites of lo mein noodles, and even that smelled like wet dog to me. Good thing I was only out $1.50. I was also able to fit in a nice walk with the husband and we’re planning to continue the walking activity the rest of this week.

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