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First Trimester Testing

Post written Nov. 22

I’m just about 13 weeks now. It feels SO GOOD to be in double digit weeks. Week 10 was still a little rough but weeks 11 and 12 weren’t too bad.

Last Friday, we had two doctor’s appointments. The first was my first prenatal at my OB’s office. They said it would be about an hour long so I expected to get another ultrasound, but alas, that was not the case. The nurse just did a little heartbeat check with the dopplar. (HB was 160, for those at home keeping track.) Then she shoved a bunch of reading materials in our hands and asked us about our medical history and genetic history. (Yawn.) We left feeling like that whole appointment was pretty pointless and something they could’ve easily done during our first appointment at 9 weeks.

Next up was my first trimester screening procedure at the hospital where we’ll be delivering to check for the likelihood of Down Syndrome and Trisomy 13 and 18. Since that whole process normally takes about 2 hours, and the hubs doesn’t have that much vacation time, he had to skip this one. And such a shame too because this one had an ultrasound with it. He was very upset about not getting to see the baby with the last appointment.

So I go to the hospital, after chugging about 32oz of water, get registered, and then check into the prenatal unit. I was told I’d need a full bladder for the test so I walked in ready to go. Sadly, that’s not how this procedure works, so when I was finally called back, the nurse said we’d be going over some paperwork and information first and it would be about another hour or so before the actual ultrasound. There was no way I could hold it until then. I had to go NOW. And so I did. Feeling MUCH better, the nurse went over genetic history with me for quite some time. Then it was time for the blood test, which I expected to be a full-arm-draw kind of procedure, but was thankfully only a finger prick. Then back into the waiting room again. The next time I was called back, I met with another nurse to go over the paperwork I had filled out prior to the appointment. Then back into the waiting room AGAIN. Finally, it was time for the ultrasound. The nursing student squirted some stuff on the wand and started moving it over my belly. Immediately I saw a little image of our baby with arms up over its head (or as high as it could reach, anyway). She took a few measurements and it was pretty clear the little bean was a JUMPING bean! It was moving all over the place! She took the heartbeat again (holding steady at 160) and then called in the nurse to do the actual neck measurements. The nurse came in and the baby had already changed positions. The nurse poked my belly hard with the wand to get the baby to flip over and to my surprise, it worked! It raised its hands up and even started sucking its thumb for a moment. I texted the hubs later with, “We have a thumb sucker!” Then he was REALLY upset he missed it. Poor guy. Fortunately, I was given a bunch of photo printouts to bring home to show him.

Oh and for anyone wondering, our test results came back on Monday:

For a 29 yr old woman, the risk of Down Syndrome is 1 in 675. After the test, my risk is now 1 in 9,067.

For a 29 yr old woman, the risk of Trisomy 13 and 18 is 1 in 1,186. After the test, my risk is now 1 in 10,000.

All good news!

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