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16 Weeks

Post written Dec. 12.

I’m nearing the 16 week mark which means I’m officially FOUR MONTHS pregnant now! I love being able to say that.

According to BabyCenter, at 16 weeks baby is the size of an avocado. I don’t particularly like avocados (because I’m allergic) but I’m digging the food analogies. (Last week was an apple. I like apples.)

I also felt some serious flutters today. Now I can’t be sure, but I’ve been battling gas for pretty much the entire pregnancy thus far, and I know that wasn’t it. I’ve felt shorter, weaker flutters before – as sporadic as they may be – and after awhile, convinced myself it was just wishful thinking or indigestion. But this was definitely something different. Kind of exciting to get physical reminders that hey, there’s a baby growing in there!

In other developments, I’ve hit the 5lbs gained mark. And I’m almost completely into maternity pants. I have just one pair of regular dress pants that still fit, a few that I can use the BeBand with, and several that have already been stored in a tupperware bin for next year. (No one told me that in addition to my belly growing, my ass would too. This was not a pleasant surprise.)

I haven’t spent any time on the BabyCenter baby boards like I did the first few weeks. And other than a few conversations with other pregnant friends or friends with babies, I haven’t really done much reading/commenting in forums or being otherwise baby-obsessed. I’m sure that once the holiday madness is over, I will, but right now I’m so focused on what to get these 30 people we have to shop for and making sure we’re prepared for all of these holiday plans that sometimes I almost forget that I’m even pregnant. When I remember though, I’m mentally like Monica from Friends in the episode where she’s in a retail store and stuffs a sweater under her shirt and starts hugging her belly. I’d post an image if I could find one, but you Friends fanatics out there probably know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, it’s not important. So just…never mind.

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Common Questions

Post written Dec. 11.

Now that I’m “out” about being pregnant, I get a lot of questions. And even though I’ve heard a lot of pregnant women complain about the questions – and some of the ridiculousness of them – I’m more than happy to talk about my experience (as if these frequent posts weren’t an indication of that enough).

Right now, the most common questions I’ve received are:

1. Is it a boy or a girl? – This is by far the most common question asked of me, and probably the only one that – at least very early on – sometimes bothered me. I think in those first few weeks that we were “public”, I was just a little shocked that people, even moms, would be told that I was pregnant (no one just figures it out by looking at me, at least not yet) and immediately ask if it’s a boy or a girl. Um, people? I’m not even four months yet. Ask this question when it’s obvious that I’m pregnant because you can’t move around my protruding belly. Until then, it’s pretty safe to assume it’s too early to know the gender.

Now that I’m nearing the 16 week mark and finding out in just a couple of weeks, this question doesn’t bother me so much anymore. In fact, I’m downright giddy about finding out so instead I just reply with a much-too-long response about how and when we’re finding out.

2. Will you find out the gender? – This is almost ALWAYS the question that follows #1. And yes, we’re going to find out. I know lots of people that waited to be surprised at delivery but my personal opinion is it’s still a surprise whether you find out in the ultrasound room or at birth. And frankly, there will be so much going on in the delivery room that I just don’t think my poor little brain can handle it. It just seems like a lot of unnecessary stress that I’d rather not deal with. Also? I REALLY want to know! If only because it could help cut out any future arguments over undecided baby names.

3. How are you feeling? – I ask my other pregnant friends this same question quite often, so I get it. And most of the time I’m happy to answer with whatever I’m feeling at the moment. What I don’t get is when that’s the first question I’m asked by the same person on a daily basis. I appreciate the concern, I just would like them to ask me something else – even if it’s baby related. And if you don’t want to hear that I’m constipated and fighting constant indigestion, then you probably shouldn’t ask.

I’m actually quite surprised that more people don’t ask about names. I don’t really like sharing our ideas for baby names with anyone unless they’re super close to me, so I guess I’m glad I don’t have to have the awkward conversation of “Yes, we have a name but we’re not sharing it.” Right now, this is also made easier by the fact that we don’t have a girl’s name picked out yet. So when people DO ask about names, I can honestly say we don’t know yet.

But all in all, I welcome the questions and the acknowledgement that I’m growing a human. It’s nice to know that other people out there understand the life change we’re about to experience and care enough to ask about it, regardless of how annoying it might be to some people. So bring on the questions! Let’s just keep the belly touching to immediate family and super close friends though, okay? Not that anything like that has happened (yet) but I’ve heard about it, and I’m a little nervous.



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Post written Dec. 5

So I just read a blog post about a woman who has already planned her kid’s third birthday party. Third as in turning three years old. And he’s currently 6 months old.

And to think, I haven’t even started thinking about Christmas 2012 yet! Actually, that’s a lie. We have started thinking about it. Like when we go to the mall and we see parents carrying their babies or pushing them in strollers. We say, “That’s going to be us next year!” And the realization that life as we know it will not be anything like it is now as of this time next year. Which I guess makes sense because life really isn’t exactly like it was the year before it anyway, but now I’m just contradicting myself and that’s not the point of this post (oh yes, I have one).

So that got me wondering about a few holiday-related things:

  • In a couple of years, do you think I can I still get away with having my kid make red and green paper chains as holiday entertainment?
  • Or how about a popcorn chain? I never made one, but seems somewhat easy, not very messy, and VERY time consuming.
  • Will my kid still be entertained by older cartoons, like Charlie Brown Christmas and the claymation Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? I loved those as a kid. And SOMEONE needs to sit and watch it with me. At least I know I’ll have a captive audience next year. Six month olds are sort of screwed that way by the whole not-walking-yet thing.
  • Do the baby-on-Santa’s lap photos ever look cute? Or do the babies always scream and cry? Saw Santa holding a baby at the mall and it looked…odd.
  • Christmas shopping for baby: What’s the point? Can six month olds even open gifts? I’ve already found this shopping experience to be difficult since my SIL has a 5 mo. old and I’m pretty sure he will not give two hoots about the musical puppy we got him. Nor will he even remember (or care) who bought it for him. Psh. Babies. So ungrateful.
  • I’d like to start an ornament tradition with the baby. Hopefully something handmade every year. Maybe a hand print or a baby shoe-turned-ornament for the first year. (Babies aren’t really all that crafty, I’m told.) Someone remind me of this ambition next year when I’ll likely be looking at photo frame ornaments with the year marked on it instead. Hey, it’s still personalized and special!
  • One of my favorite holiday traditions is baking cookies. I have visions of my kids helping me with this process. But a baby? Useless. BUT! I wonder if I mush up the cookie in some milk, the baby could do some taste testing for me. You know, give me a messy, open-mouthed “I want more” sign indicating it’s good, or a raspberry-blowing, spit-up fest that kindly tells me, “Don’t quit your day job, ma.” Hmmm. Still, something tells me next year might be a break-and-bake kind of year anyway.
  • Perhaps the only holiday tradition we might all enjoy is our annual trek to look at Christmas lights. This is provided the weather cooperates and the baby doesn’t take naps from 6-8pm. Which…is entirely possible.

Well, crap. I don’t think this whole baby thing is going to be all that much fun next year. Maybe I’ll just dress it up in funny outfits while it sleeps and take a bunch of pictures. Like a red Santa suit and fake beard. Or some reindeer antlers and a red nose. Now THAT sounds like the makings of an annual holiday tradition.

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