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…I would totally have a Pinterest-inspired wedding.

One of my bestest buds is getting married this fall and I’m so jealous of all the cool wedding inspiration she has, thanks to Pinterest. So that got me thinking. If I had it to do over again, what would I do?

Maybe some save-the-dates like this one?


Perhaps a giant letter for guests to sign, like this one:

And how cute would these cookies have been at my bridal shower?

If Pinterest had been around, I’d have known about these nifty heel savers:

I’d have also put these cute stickers on my shoes:

And if we hadn’t jetted off for the honeymoon at o’dark thirty the morning after, I would’ve totally done a mimosa bar like this one.

Or at the very least had a smores bar the night before, maybe after the rehearsal dinner.

Yeah, I’d have a pretty kick-ass Pinterest wedding.

(All images/sources/links can be found on my Pinterest board here.)



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