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Belly Pics

Alright, alright. I’ll concede to this whole belly pic thing.

I really thought I’d be the type to document my first pregnancy with fun, semi-weekly belly shots, like maybe this one:

But as it turns out, the last thing I want to do is have my picture taken. It also doesn’t help that it’s winter, and my house doesn’t have very good lighting, and our best camera is an 8 MP point and shoot that’s a few years old now. Actually, my iPhone camera is 8MP so we’ve just been using that. Hence the quality of these photos.

So I attempted to start these off in the same outfit, using the nifty chalkboard app on the iPad to document the week.


Obviously the lighting is awful so for the next one (14 weeks), I moved to the dining room for more overhead light.

Yeah, not much better. Turns out, one of the bulbs was blown when this was taken. Oh well.

And that’s pretty much when I gave up on belly shots. At least consistent ones. But just for your personal amusement, here’s one from about 18.5 weeks.


I know, you can’t see anything, but I still like it.

Then there’s THIS one from about 20 weeks that I can’t even believe I’m showing to you guys because OMG THE LUNCH LADY ARMS! But, I love you, so here you go.

Considerably bigger, no? And since I wasn’t really prepared to have my photo taken, you get the awkward I’m-not-wearing-a-bra-stance. It’s also taken at a weird angle because my husband is quite a bit taller than me. And when he saw me in my super tight yoga pants, belly bulging, he was all “WOW! You’re really showing! Let’s take a picture!” At least I managed to smile. Fake as it may be.

But for a more accurate account of what you might see if you know me IRL, and you’re about as tall as the Lollipop Guild,  I took this today – at 22 weeks:

And here’s another, from the other side.


I’m starting to warm up to the idea of professional maternity photos, since I’m obviously horrible at taking decent shots myself, but we’ll see. I kind of like these shots:

Or these:

But that would require planning, scheduling, etc. So like I said, we’ll see.

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