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TGIF (almost)

If I had to a pick a word to sum up this week, that word would be “intense.” Things were off to a rough start Monday morning when I had to spend three hours at the OB’s office getting my blood drawn four times. Add to the fact that I wasn’t allowed to eat since midnight the night before, the nasty fruit-punch-like stuff they made me drink, and my poor little deep veins and well…I was not a happy camper.

Tuesday was only slightly better, but that’s probably because I didn’t have anyone poking me in the arm with a needle. After a long and extremely busy day at work, we rushed down to my grandparents’ house to have a somber dinner with my mom, aunt, cousins and grandparents. My grandpa’s heart surgery was scheduled for 7am Wednesday morning and though we tried not to show it, everyone was a nervous wreck.

Wednesday morning was probably the longest morning of all. The weather was unseasonably warm and sunny, it was Leap Day, everyone at work seemed to be in a good mood, and yet I still spent most of the morning praying to God that it was going to be a good day – that my grandpa would pull through his surgery. Thankfully, all those prayers paid off. My mom called around 10:45 to tell me he was in a room, recovering, and that it went so well in fact, that he’d probably be released to go home that afternoon. I felt like I had just won the lottery! Or something even better. I talked to him for a moment as he ate his lunch, and he was already making jokes, despite how tired and weak he felt.

But then it was right back to work, business as usual. Work stresses paled in comparison, but they were still stresses, nonetheless.

Today was another busy day at work, and one of those days where the to-do list only gets longer. The rest of the night was spent helping the husband with a volunteer/freelance project that was on deadline. It felt good to get at least one thing accomplished, even if the credit was far from mine to claim, but I look around at my disaster of a house, the piles of dishes and laundry, my attention-deprived dog, my overflowing Google Reader, the empty ¬†fridge and depleted cabinets, my stack of unread magazines, my books on the bedside table now with a layer of dust on them…and I wonder when life got so crazy and when will it slow down again?

I try to slow down. I go to bed at 10:30 one night instead of 11:30, which has somehow become the norm around here lately. I remind myself that the little frustrations are exactly that – little frustrations. That the things that truly matter in life are all absolutely wonderful right now. My grandpa is ailing, but he’s alive and in good spirits. I’m still battling this rash, and probably will until this baby is born, but my baby is healthy and growing like he should. My house is a mess, but we’re the only ones that have to see it right now. Things are never perfect, but they are okay. More than okay. And I remind myself to be thankful.

There is light ahead. The weekend is almost here. And when it is, I’ll finally breathe.



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