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Third Trimester, Baby!

I’m officially 28 weeks pregnant today, which means I’ve just entered my third trimester. The. Third. Trimester.

I cannot tell you just how excited I am over this. It’s not that I’ve had a bad pregnancy, per se (although this stupid rash can go to hell), but it hit me today just how excited I am to meet our baby. We haven’t had any showers yet, the nursery is still bare, and I don’t have a single diaper except for the sample one that came in one of my magazines. Clearly, we are not ready. And yet? I can’t wait for May to get here.

I finally signed up for our newborn care class, but thanks to a jam-packed schedule (on my part) in March and part of April, we’re not taking it until April 21. That’s about 4 weeks from when baby boy is due. Hopefully he doesn’t come early!

Now for the obligatory status portion of the post (& photo!):

Total weight gain: About 24 lbs as of this morning.

How big is baby?: A little over 2lbs and about the size of a rutabaga, if any of you know what the heck that looks like (I don’t). At my last appointment about a week and a half ago, the nurse said he was measuring 2lbs and 3oz so I’m assuming he’s somewhere around 2.5lbs right now.

Maternity clothes:  Yes. I picked up a few new dresses from Target last week (one maternity, two not), a couple of shirts, and my first nursing/sleep bra. I still love my maternity jeans, but my work pants are already fading in color so I’m hoping for more good dress-wearing weather.

Stretch marks?: Still no, knock on wood. Thanks to this rash, I’ve had to stop my twice-daily belly-butter/oil application. I may give the oil another shot, but the Palmer’s lotion only made the itching worse, so that’s for sure out. Not that any of these things really make a difference as I’m told it all comes down to genetics. But dang it, I’m gonna try!

Sleep: Pretty good. Maybe even better than last month. My belly is big enough now where when I lay on my side, I stay firmly on my side, not half rolling over onto to my stomach, which throws my hips out of whack. I’m finally used to using a body pillow now and my hands don’t fall asleep as much as they did. The only downside is that I get up about 3 or 4 times a night to pee. I don’t pee that frequently during an 8-hour period during the day, so I’m assuming the fluid that builds up in my legs over the course of the day goes back up and out my bladder at night. Or maybe I’m way off, but at least that explanation makes sense to me.

Best moment this week: Hitting the third trimester! It feels so good to say it. It feels equally good to say “I’m 7 months pregnant.”

Movement: A few kicks throughout the day but the coolest thing has been watching my belly move when he moves. The hubs hasn’t witnessed this yet as it’s only happened a handful of times, but it’s just so neat to look down and see my belly move across the top as if it’s a waterbed. I also think I’ve started feeling hiccups the last week or so. They happen really low in my belly and feel like little, rhythmic thumps. Not strong like a kick, but more like a throbbing in the middle of my pelvis. At first, I knew it was the baby, but it was too rhythmic for it to be kicks or punches. Took awhile before I realized they were hiccups. So weird.

Food cravings: Sugar. But just a little because too much makes me feel sick. I had cake twice this week at work and both times I just felt so gross after eating it. It tasted wonderful going down, but afterward I just felt like I needed to brush my teeth and eat a piece of cheese or something to counter-balance it.

Of course, Easter candy is out in full force right now and right after my glucose test, I indulged in a couple of Cadbury Creme Eggs, a Reese’s PB egg, and some Cadbury mild chocolate eggs with the hard candy shell. Not all in one day mind you, but I wanted to make sure I sampled the Easter candy before a) the good stuff sells out and b) just incase they tell me I have GD and all sugar is out. Oh and I also purchased a bag of birthday cake Oreos. My goodness those things are like crack. So yeah, I’ve had a bit of a sweet tooth.

Speaking of glucose tests, I still haven’t found out my results from this week’s 3 hour test. I hope to know on Monday, although I’ll be pretty disappointed if they tell me I have GD, mostly because I just bought a box of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch cereal.

Food aversions: Still not feeling Asian cuisine, but I felt bad for depriving the hubs of Pei Wei for so long, so I agreed to try it last week. Fortunately, I didn’t get sick, but I still didn’t love it like I used to. Grilled meats are also a turnoff, which makes it hard for me to eat lean protein. And my tolerance for veggies changes by the day. I know I’m going to pay for all of these bad eating habits once the baby is here. The back and arm fat is out of control.

Labor signs: Nope and hopefully not for awhile. The nurse said I may start feeling light contractions soon, but so far I haven’t really paid much attention.

Belly button in or out: Still in, but man is it stretched.

What I miss: Exercising hard core. My two closest friends are both really into running right now and it makes me miss it so much. One of my friends is also doing Weight Watchers and she’s lost 20+ lbs already and looks amazing. Whereas I keep gaining and gaining, stuffing my face with bad foods.

What I’m looking forward to: Oh so many things! March will be a non-stop rodeo around here. Next weekend I’ll be in Austin for SXSW for work, then the following two weekends are my baby showers, followed by our babymoon to Florida, which is actually tied to another work trip for me.

We’ve also decided to do one of those 3D ultrasounds sometime around the 30 week mark (so in about 2 weeks). I’m so curious to see what baby S. is looking like but I want to give him a little more time to put on some fat so he doesn’t look too alien-like.

Milestone: Does making it to the third trimester count? I think it does.

Other random thoughts: So this has nothing to do with anything but I wanted to document it anyway. Last night I had two baby-related dreams. The first one was just me and my mom sitting around when all of a sudden I could see a foot visibly protruding through my stomach. The baby was kicking me – hard – and I could make out the outline of his foot and his toes. My mom missed it but she put her hand on my belly and was so excited when she got to feel him move.

The second dream was just me practicing using my new camera. I was still very much pregnant and taking pictures of anything and everything so I would know how to use it when the baby arrived. I tried to get one particular shot that required me to get down on the ground but obviously the bowling ball that is my belly right now was in the way, so I couldn’t get it. Then I saw a friend of mine who had recently had a baby and remember chatting with her about losing the baby weight. That’s all I really remember, and I know they’re not terribly exciting, but I haven’t had many baby-related dreams at all since I’ve been pregnant so I figured I’d jot them down so I could remember them.

Anyway, here I am in my 28 week glory, stretching out a non-maternity tank top:

Apologies for the smudges. It’s been so long since I’ve cleaned a mirror, I think I’ve forgotten how.

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