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Sunday, March 18 was a pretty exciting day for me as it was my first baby shower! Thrown by one of my bestest buddies, and on a completely gorgeous day, it was one of the best baby showers I’d ever attended. Sure, I was the guest of honor so I’m biased, but it was just so much fun to have so many friends and family there. Oh and did I mention that we hosted it at my friend’s chocolate shop and instead of games we did a chocolate tasting? Yeah, best baby shower ever. But enough talk, let me show you.

Me and the hostess:

Some of the yummy food:

Aren’t those cupcakes adorable? The white ones were funfetti and the chocolate ones had some sort of cream cheese filling in the bottoms. So delicious! I was sort of really glad that there were a few leftovers for me to take home since so many people were on sugar over-load thanks to the chocolate tasting.

Speaking of the chocolate tasting, here’s everyone getting a brief history lesson on the origins of chocolate from my friend and shop owner, Brian.

And here we have cacao in the raw:

Another group shot:

All of the “samples”:

Here’s what they look like when they’re for sale in the shop:

In lieu of traditional games, we only played baby shower BINGO. If you’re not familiar with this game, everyone is given a little BINGO card and you fill out each square with the name of a baby item you think the mom-to-be will receive as a gift. Then, as she’s opening her gifts, you cross out the items that she gets if ¬†they match what’s on your card until someone – or five someones – reach BINGO. Pretty simple and it keeps the guests from being super bored while watching someone else open presents.

The other thing my shower hostess did was have everyone fill out a cute little “wishes for baby” card. It looked like this:

Super cute!

There are a ton of awkward photos of me opening presents, but I’ll just show you some of the least awkward among them.

The first gift I opened was an adorable playmat.

Instead of regular greeting cards, all the invitations asked guests to bring a book for the baby. I got SO MANY cute books! Which is great, because I had almost zero before yesterday. This one was one of my favorites:

And the hubs especially loved these little onesies:

I can’t get over just how thoughtful everyone was! We got SO MUCH STUFF and I feel 100 times better about having a baby now that we actually have some baby supplies – diapers, wipes, lotion, shampoo, a monitor, a pack ‘n play, high chair, blankets, clothes, books, bottles, bibs, and so much more. It was the perfect day for a perfect shower with perfect friends and family and I am so thankful to my bestie for all the work she did to host it, thankful for my mom for paying for everyone’s chocolate tastings, and thankful to Brian at Kakao for providing the perfect setting.

If you live in St. Louis and you’re in need of some of the best chocolate you’ll ever put in your mouth, check him out here: Kakao Chocolate

And if you’re looking for a cool place to host a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, engagement party, etc. then ask him about his events schedule. He does chocolate and wine pairing events after hours which sound super fun, you know, if you’re not growing a baby and all.

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