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30 Weeks

I had my 30 week OB appointment today, so I figured now would be a good time to catch up on all things pregnancy-related:

Total weight gain: Close to 30 lbs by my estimations, though my OB says only 24.

How big is baby?: 15.7 inches and about 3lbs. About the size of a head of cabbage.

Maternity clothes:  Yes. Thankfully the weather has been nice enough for me to wear a few more dresses and skirts. I don’t have that many pants that fit comfortably anymore and I really don’t want to buy more. I like the dresses and skirts because I know I can wear some of them post-baby since not all of them are technically maternity.

Stretch marks?: Not yet. I check almost every day, and I’m sure I’ll get them eventually, but so far so good.

Sleep: Pretty good, most days. I got a prenatal massage last week after work, and I guess the massage therapist must’ve really worked some fluid out of me because I got up to pee about 5 times that night. Most nights I get up maybe twice. Which is still a lot for me considering I rarely got up in the middle of the night to pee pre-pregnancy.

I will say that getting in and out of bed and rolling over is starting to become a bit challenging. If I twist the wrong way, I feel my ab muscles ripping. It’s just as pleasant feeling as it sounds. So I try to be careful but sometimes it’s just inevitable.

Best moment this week: We had two really great moments this week – the first was seeing the baby during our 3D ultrasound. Getting to see facial features and watch him move around on something other than a 2D black and white screen was really cool. It’s so surreal to think of him as a little human and not just some little alien creature growing and squirming in there. He has hands! And toes! And a cute little baby nose! And of course, I already think he’s adorable.

The second awesome thing this week was my first baby shower. I’m waiting a few more weeks to sort and wash everything, so right now I just have a big pile of baby stuff in the nursery, but I just love looking in there and seeing all his new things.

Movement: Yes! Lots of it. He gets hiccups a couple of times a day and I can feel him moving around, pushing lightly on the sides of my stomach. The kicks and jabs happen occasionally, but I’d like to think he’s being kind to his momma by not kicking me in the ribs. At least not yet. We still have about 10 weeks to go, after all.

Food cravings: Still devouring the milk. I’ve also moved on to fruit-flavored popsicles. No other major cravings, though I can think of two times when I really had a hankering for ice cream (I blame the summer-like temps) and could not be satisfied until I got my hands on some.

Food aversions: Microwave meals, grilled chicken or fish, and salads, but only because dressings give me heartburn. Random things give me heartburn too. The other day I had a Marie Calendar’s tortellini bowl for lunch which gave me massive heartburn (hence my aversion to them now), but then I had nachos with jalapenos for dinner and I was perfectly fine.

Labor signs: No, but I think I’ve started feeling a few Braxton Hicks contractions. I can’t be sure though.

Belly button in or out: Definitely in. A little stretched, but no real changes there.

What I miss: Beer and wine. The ability to see my lady parts. And as horrible as it sounds, tanning. I’m not a pleasant-looking pale person.

What I’m looking forward to: Our next baby shower, hosted by my sisters-in-law. And then our babymoon to Florida. I’m also ready to start working on the nursery again, but the next couple of weeks have us going out-of-town for aforementioned baby shower and babymoon, so the nursery will have to wait until mid-April.

Milestone: Having just 10 weeks left in this pregnancy. The big day is getting closer and fortunately, for now, I’m more excited for it than I am nervous/scared. I can’t wait to spend all summer taking care of our new little man!

Other random thoughts: Other than a mild panic attack during our hospital tour, I’ve been feeling pretty zen about this whole pregnancy thing. Especially now that my showers are happening, all the tests have indicated a healthy baby boy, and things are just naturally seeming to come together.

The baby is due a day before my 30th birthday. Thirty. Wow. Obviously, having a baby overshadows any sort of feelings I have about diving head-first into the next decade of my life, but if I force myself to think about it, I think “Wow. 30 just seems so…old.” I know there are so many moms out there that had their first child in their late 30s, but I also know so many women that had their first in their early to mid 20’s and I can’t help but wonder, “did we wait too long? Will I be an old mom?”

I waver back and forth on this question of “Did we wait too long?” but I know that for me personally, I just wasn’t ready.  I was too selfish. Too focused on enjoying a child-free adulthood. Working in a fast-paced career and owning a house and a dog was plenty of responsibility for me in my 20s. We wanted to travel. We wanted to go out. We wanted to sleep. Basically, we wanted to do whatever we wanted to do. And so we did, for several years. And I enjoyed every minute of it. We had a lot of fun.

But what I didn’t realize for a very long time is that becoming parents is going to be a lot of fun too. It’s just a different kind of fun.

In my 20s, I really only saw the negatives of parenting. The constant crying, the sleepless nights, the inability to go anywhere, the expensiveness of it all… I would think, “Man, that sucks to not be able to just go see a movie whenever you want without having to line up – and pay for – a babysitter.” And yeah, I still think that part sucks a little, but not enough to keep me from ever experiencing parenthood. Because one day, that baby phase will be over and I’ll be taking a small person to see his first movie on the big screen, watching his eyes light up at the massiveness of some big cartoon character singing some silly song. And I’ll think “this is so much fun!”

Maybe not laying-on-a-beach-in-Hawaii-sipping-a-beer-fun, but then again, Disney just opened a new resort in Oahu so now we all have something to look forward to.

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