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Now that baby D is 7 months old, it’s time to do a little recap on my favorite baby things from 3-6 months.

(See previous post on my favorite baby things 0-3 months.) babythings3-6

1. Cetaphil. Nothing helps heal baby’s irritated skin like it. If it’s dry? Cetaphil. Weird, unexplainable rash? Cetaphil. Cradle cap? Cetaphil. It’s expensive, and it doesn’t have much of a smell, but it’s worth it. We use the cleanser for bathtime and the lotion.

2. A plain old nail file. Baby D’s fingers are finally big enough to use the baby nail clippers, but I still like to use a nail file to buff out the edges. And for reasons I still don’t understand, this kid really likes having his nails filed. He just sits there and watches me in amazement.

3. Children’s Tylenol. I don’t know why I didn’t think to stock my medicine cabinet with this before baby’s arrival, but now we make sure to always have some on hand. We’ve only used it before/after his shots but having this in the house means we won’t be running out to Walgreens at 1am for it if/when he gets his first fever or starts seriously teething.

4. A good bulb syringe/aspirator. I HATE the white Safety 1st versions of these, and instead use the two that we got from the hospital. I have no clue what brand they are and can’t seem to find them in the stores, but they’re blue and wonderful. I could probably write an entire post dedicated to baby boogers but I won’t. Instead, I’ll just sum it up and say that babies get boogers. Lots of ’em. At least, my baby does. During the dry, winter months, I use this thing about once a day. (I also run a cool mist humidifier in his room and use a saline spray for his nose if he’s sounding really congested.)

A few weeks ago, baby D woke up screaming his little head off. He was tired and he was pissed. I assumed the usual belly ache or teething, but after picking him up and putting him down several times, only to have him wake up screaming again, I finally figured out what was bothering him. Boogers. I could hear minor congestion in his nose as he breathed in an out. A little saline spray and some aspirator action and he was happy as a clam. Now I have to do this about every other night before bed or else he’ll wake up around 5am screaming again. I really hate winter.

5. Baby spoons. I have the ones shown in the picture and I like them (Munchkin brand), but my favorites are the ones that have more of a rounded square shape to them with a little table rest point at the base of the handle. I don’t remember the brand name but they make it easy to clean the food off his mouth and shovel it back in, and also the table rest part means you can set it down without having the actual spoon touching the table. Makes for MUCH cleaner eating.

6. Halo Sleep Sack. I posted about the Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle in the 0-3 month post, but this one is basically the same thing only larger and without the swaddle wrap part. It’s essentially a wearable blanket and it’s perfect for those nights when I think cotton footie pajamas just won’t be warm enough. It’s like a snuggie for babies, which is what we call it. His “snuggie.”

Also not pictured but worth noting: the best PJs are the ones that zip up. NOT the snap up ones. We have both and I never really paid attention to the zip vs snap before, but a wiggly, impatient baby means the zipper PJs are MUCH easier to get on and off.

7. I really love this Fisher Price high chair. It straps right onto our kitchen chairs and the seat insert is washable so you can easily remove it and toss it in the washing machine when it gets too dirty. I wish the straps were also that easy to remove and wash, but I just take a warm cloth to those and wipe them down. The tray is super easy to wash too. Dried food comes off easily and it’s apparently dishwasher safe, though I haven’t tried it. My only tip for this would be to put a trashbag or some type of plastic over your kitchen chair cushion before strapping this on the seat. That way if any rogue baby food spills off the tray or the high chair, it won’t ruin your cushions.

8. A jumperoo. We have the one in the photo. I think it’s also Fisher Price. These can get kind of pricey so if you can get one used, go for it. Just make sure to really clean it and disinfect it. Baby D LOVES to put his mouth on everything and for whatever reason, becomes a drool factory when he’s in his jumperoo, so if you don’t buy one brand new, make sure you really scrub it down. We have a Baby Einstein exersaucer too and while I tend to like the toys on that one better, the jumperoo is better for strengthening baby’s legs, according to my pediatrician. Definitely worth the investment. Plus, it keeps him contained and entertained just long enough for me to do some dishes or toss in a load of laundry or scarf down a meal. Mommy’s best friend.

9. Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush. I’m a bit of a bottle brush¬†aficionado. I’ve tried a few different brands and this one is my absolute favorite. I can’t find it in Walmart or Target, so I have no idea where I got my first one, but now I special order them online, several at a time so I can just toss the old one out after a couple of weeks and open a new one. I love the material of the sponge and the little suction cup holder for keeping it on the sink.

10. Our favorite bedtime book: Goodnight Moon. Around the time D started to smile, I noticed that he’d really light up when I read Goodnight Moon at bedtime. Maybe it was the familiarity of a bedtime routine, or maybe it was the rhyming of the words, but whatever it was, his smile would be huge and he’d kick his little feet with approval. After a couple of weeks, I finally captured it on video in mid October (he was about 4.5 mos old).

(There’s a tiny surprise at the end of this that was a little unexpected for all of us, so you may not want to watch it through to the very end if you’re eating. Just FYI.)


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