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So remember how right before the holidays a lady ran out of money and I paid for her groceries and daughter’s clothes?

It happened again.

The other night, we went to Walmart to restock the fridge and cabinets. (WHY do we keep going there? Yes, their prices are cheaper – if they don’t charge you twice for things – but I could list 15 reasons why it’s a terrible place to shop.)

By the time we were finished, it was nearing baby’s feeding time and bedtime, so we made our way to the checkout line. Even though every Super Walmart has a gajillion checkout lanes, only three ever seem to be open at one time. Ever notice that? So we picked the one we thought was shortest – which is ALWAYS the one that actually takes the longest. In fact, I knew we were in trouble when the elderly black woman in front of us pulled out the circular and started comparing the prices that rang up on the register to the ones in the ad. To say it took awhile is an understatement. We stood there for nearly TWENTY MINUTES. In line. With ONE person in front of us. I almost wanted the baby to start crying so that she’d move faster, but he got bored and fell asleep. The checkout girl was so annoyed, she even called in for reinforcements, so there were two girls there to answer her coupon questions.

Finally, all of her items were rung and bagged, and some guy that I can only assume was her son took the groceries out to the car for her while she paid. Only one small problem. She didn’t have enough funds on her card, and she only had 3 dollars cash. And her son had just walked out with the merchandise. This left the poor checkout girls in a bit of a bind. Do they call a manager? Do they escort her out to the car to collect $4.58? Do they ask her to go get the money or bring back some stuff while we all sit there and file our nails and wait? I don’t know, but I wasn’t willing to stand around and find out. So while I’d like to say this random act of kindness was motivated by just that – kindness – I have to admit that I really just wanted to get the heck out of there. So I paid the difference, and while the woman was thankful, I’m pretty sure the checkout girls were even more thankful. And they tried to make it up to me by being super fast with scanning my groceries and bagging them.


They scanned my coffee twice. Which I just discovered two days later and means they charged me an extra $6 that I’ll probably never get back.

So either Karma is bullshit or I need to just stop shopping at Walmart.





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