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Just because my husband and I now answer to “mommy” and “daddy” doesn’t mean we can’t be spontaneous.

At 10am Friday morning, my husband texted me to ask about our plans for the weekend. Of course, we didn’t have any. Well, that’s not completely true. I had grand plans of sleeping, cleaning, and organizing. But no major commitments otherwise. Plus, my office closed early at 3pm and we had MLK Jr. Day off so we were staring down the barrel of a nice, long, peaceful weekend.

He texted again: “Want to go to Louisville?”

Not the question I was expecting, and definitely not my idea of a vacation destination, but apparently there was a big basketball game happening on Saturday and the hubs wanted to go, and possibly have my step-dad and his dad meet us there. After a few phone calls, some logistics planning and ticket pricing, the basketball game plans quickly dissolved. But you know what you can’t do? You can’t dangle the possibility of seeing your family in front of them, especially when it includes the possibility of them seeing their youngest grandson, and expect them to not be disappointed if you change your mind.  It’s just cruel and virtually impossible to shake the guilt of getting their hopes up. So the plans went from hanging out in Louisville to just passing through Louisville on our way to my in-laws’ house. A 9-hour drive, just like we did on Thanksgiving and for Christmas, with a 7 month old. So that’s 3 times in just 2 months – the most we’ve EVER seen them in the 8+ years we’ve been together.

Basically, we’re spoiling them and I hope they don’t come to expect these visits every month. Because WOW is it hard. Between the packing and unpacking of all the stuff, the cost of boarding our dog, the cost of gas and food on the road, and the inconvenience of messing with the baby’s schedule – it’s just a lot of work. To hang out with my inlaws for the 3rd time in two months, meaning we’ve spent 10 overnights with them out of the last 50 days. VOLUNTARILY.

Do you see where I’m going this? I mean, are my qualifications for Wife of the Year not clear yet? I didn’t even protest this trip in the slightest. That’s just how awesome I am. (Kidding.) (Not really.)

So that’s what we did. Our wild and crazy spontaneous weekend getaway was an impromptu trip to my inlaws. And the highlight? Watching a bunch of 2nd and 3rd graders play basketball. Although, it was their “championship” game, so I guess that’s sort of a big deal.

So all you childless folks, take note. Even after you have kids, you can still pack up your (many, many) bags, and head out of town at a few hours moment’s notice, straight across the country to a relative’s house where you spend your days watching little league and your nights blowing your Weight Watchers points on pizza and chocolate chip cookies because no one else is on a diet or concerned about diabetes. Welcome to your future.




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