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Everywhere I turn lately, another friend or family member is struck with cancer. One of my neighbors just lost her mom to cancer earlier this week, and another was just diagnosed with a brain tumor so serious, that she’ll be lucky to live another 6 months, leaving behind a husband and two young girls. I can’t imagine. So I cope the only way I know how. I make cupcakes for them. Which is where this little poem came from. 


If cupcakes could cure cancer

No children would ever get sick

I’d quit my job and start a bakery

So cancer’s ass I could kick

I’d whip up every delicious flavor

From chocolate to lemon cream pie

And I’d give a bunch to my neighbor

So she won’t have to tell us goodbye

Yeah if cupcakes could cure cancer

It would be a tasty remedy

Much better than that poison they give them

The one called chemotherapy

And if only cupcakes could cure cancer

We’d need to start eating our Wheaties

Because next thing you know, there’d be a big increase

in the cases of diabetes

But cupcakes can’t cure cancer

They can only bring a little smile

For a friend or family member who’s hurting

Because they only have a little while

So I won’t quit my job to make cupcakes

Though that does sound pretty neat

But I’ll make them for friends who are suffering

Because they’re still a quite tasty treat




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Eight Months


Weight/Length: At least 20 lbs but we haven’t had a doc appointment since early December so I’m not sure. No clue on length but he’s definitely in 9-12 month footie pajamas so I’d say longer than average.

Sleep: Still great. Goes down around 8:30pm and gets up around 8am. Averaging 3 naps a day, between 30-60 min each. Though I think that’s about to change because the last couple of days, he’s been reluctant to go down for naps, so I think he’s about to drop one.

Feeding: We’ve finally worked our way back up to two big pureed meals per day, usually at his noon and 4pm feedings. The problem? He refuses most veggies except squash or unless it’s hidden in a serving of fruit and oatmeal. He’ll eat just about any fruit though. And we have to keep our cabinets stocked with pureed prunes so baby D stays regular, usually giving him a serving of that every other day. Something new we discovered this month: D is allergic to corn. Or rather, he just can’t digest it yet. The first time we tried feeding him sweet potatoes and corn back in December, he vomited but we didn’t know if the food cause it or the fact that he’d also just gotten his boosters and first dose of flu shot. We assumed it was a shot reaction. We didn’t try the sweet potatoes and corn again until last week and just a couple of hours after feeding it to him, he threw up all over himself in the car seat when we were on our way to dinner. I still ride in the back seat with him most of the time so I told the hubs to just turn the car around and head home. It was bath time. Other than the vomiting though, no serious reaction, so we’re just staying away from all things corn for awhile.

Developments:  He sits like a pro now, and loves banging his bocks together to make sound. He’s also starting to clap, though he gets frustrated that his hands don’t make the same sounds ours do when we clap. His babbling is starting to sound more like real words, though he refuses to even attempt “mama” or “dadda” when asked. He does know who we are though. If I askhim, “Where’s dadda?” he’ll look for him. It’s downright adorable. The other day I watched him use his pincer grasp to pick something up so I know he’s capable of that now. His favorite activity right now is to smack things, though. My arm, my leg, daddy’s chest, the desk, the table, his own leg – whatever makes a smacking sound. I guess that’s his way of clapping and getting the same noise.  He also grabs for EVERYTHING now. If we take him out to eat, we have to move everything VERY far away from his reach or else he’ll grab it – and fast. He notices everything now.


Clapping his blocks together

Firsts This Month: First New Year’s Eve, first intentional clapping, first time using a sippy cup, first time sitting in a restaurant’s high chair, first sporting event (his 8 year-old cousin’s championship basketball game), his first taste of a lemon (hilarious), giving mama his first big, open mouthed kiss, and today – on his 8 month birthday – his FIRST HAIRCUT!! (post to come on that)

Likes: Dogs are still his favorite. He just thinks they’re hysterical. He also still LOVES his Baby Einstein DVDs. Whenever the little Disney intro music starts, his whole body convulses in excitement and he will practically flip himself around to look at the TV. He also loves the Ellen Show. He sees a lot of it, so I guess he has no choice, but he will sit and watch it with me. Baths are still tons of fun for him, and he still gets excited whenever I pull out his bedtime books. Clapping is very exciting to him, and even though I’m sure he thinks I do WAY too much of this, he actually kind of likes having the bottoms of his feet kissed. (In my defense, baby feet are the cutest and I can’t help myself – I HAVE to kiss them. All the time. Have to.) His daddy likes to kiss him on the back of the neck, which must really tickle because he tenses up and scrunches his shoulders while laughing.


Watching Ellen. Also note: The Hair.


Smiling at Ellen. I mean…COME ON!


Watching Baby Einstein. Hi Mommy!

Dislikes:  Boredom, boogers, being tired or hungry, not being picked up IMMEDIATELY when we enter his room.

What I’m Thankful For: My little cuddler! Last month I said my little guy wasn’t much of a snuggler. Well that has either changed or I didn’t realize what he was doing was snuggling. Probably the latter because, just like his momma, he’s not a gentle cuddler. Oh no. We hug and kiss with FORCE. He will grab my arm and dive face-first with all his might into my shoulder, letting out an ear piercing squeal when he does it. Sometimes he’ll just lay his head down on my shoulder while I’m holding him, but that’s not his typical style. He likes to grab us and waller us, planting a giant, open-mouthed kiss right on us. If you think about it, that’s exactly what we do to him most of the time too, so he’s just reciprocating, but it took me awhile to recognize that’s what he was doing. I just thought he was a bit of a spaz at first. ha! That said, he’s also been more cuddly in the traditional sense too. Falling asleep on me sometimes, laying his head down on me when I’m carrying him around the house. I just eat it all up.


What I’m Looking Forward To:  I really can’t wait for him to start saying his first words. Of course, if he winds up saying “dadda” more than “mamma” then I’ll be disappointed, but really, just imagining his little voice saying our names sounds so incredibly sweet to me.

How Mommy’s Doing: The pump was officially packed away this month. I pumped a couple more times right around New Year’s and about a week or two after, but that was it. I went from pumping twice a day, to once a day, then to once every 36 hours, then 48 hours, then every 3 days, and finally once a week and then done. Weaning was definitely a process, and while I hate forking over so much money for formula now, I’m still really glad the pumping is over. My body is finally my own again. Weight Watchers is going pretty well, and I treated myself to a little makeup splurge the other day so I’m all set on my favorite makeup for the next 6 months.

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