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9 Month Check Up

Baby D had his 9 month check up today. I’m still working on his monthly recap post, but wanted to make sure I captured the appointment in detail so I’m breaking it out in its own post. You’re welcome. ;)


The stats: Baby boy weighs exactly 20lbs, which puts him at 45th percentile for weight. I want to say he was 29 1/2 inches long, but the important figure here is that he is 90th percentile for height. He is long and lean just like his daddy. I don’t know that I’ve ever mentioned his head circumference because that stat always seems less important to me, but he is 25th percentile there. The doctor said some people just have smaller heads than others and as long as it stays around that percentile, it’s all good.

Food: His weight isn’t a huge concern but she did say it’s time to start fattening him up before it becomes a problem. We also got the green light to start giving him regular solid foods. Bring on the Cheerios! So long purees! I’m both excited and terrified of this new stage. In my mind, there’s a whole world of foods open to him now, but in reality, I’m pretty sure he won’t eat most of them.

Milk: We talked about formula and how at around one year, we should make the transition to whole milk. We also talked about sippy cups and she said he’s still really young to be expected to concur a sippy cup. She recommended the spout kind of cups over the straw kind because there’s no threat of jamming it in his mouth/throat and it teaches him to tilt the cup upward, but she said it really all comes down to personal preference and it’s not a big deal either way. She also said it’s fine with her if we did sippy cups until he was 2 or so anyway, so there’s no real rush. The most important thing, she said, was to make sure we always give him milk/formula in his sippy and don’t make the mistake of always doing juice/water so he doesn’t think that the sippy is for just juice/water and the bottle is for milk. She said she’s seen lots of parents come in and their child won’t drink milk from the sippy because they think it’s for water/juice. I don’t plan on giving him juice/water anyway, but it’s such a mind shift from when I was growing up. I feel like most of my generation was raised on juice and now doctors are saying to never give your kids juice. Sucks for the juice industry, I suppose.

Allergies: We talked about D’s apparent allergy to sweet potatoes. She admitted it seemed strange, but not completely unheard of, and to hold off for about 6 mos before maybe trying again. She sometimes babies have strange intolerances during their first year and they work themselves out in the second and third years. She also said there’s no guarantee that he won’t be allergic to them for the long term and that they could do a blood test eventually, but typically they just say to not let him eat that food. Which is what my doctor told me when I told her bananas made me sick.

We also talked about the three types of foods to stay away from the first year because of their allergic potential:

  • Peanut butter
  • Honey (though things like Honey Nut Cheerios are ok)
  • Eggs, especially egg whites (though if they’re used in a baking recipe, that’s fine)

Movement: Though he can get into a sitting position on his own pretty easily and is now army-crawling, he’s not quite pulling up on furniture or on us yet. He’s showing early signs, like how I caught him grabbing the crib rail yesterday, but he just hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it. Doc said not to worry, he’ll be doing it soon enough, and after he does it’ll be about 3 months before he’s walking. So if he starts pulling up later this week, he’ll likely be walking at 12 mos. If he starts pulling up at 10 months, he’ll be 13 mos when he starts walking, etc. She lectured us about dropping the crib mattress down to its lowest setting (we dropped it down once, but not to the lowest setting) and talked to us about baby-proofing EVERYTHING.

Teeth: I asked about teething pain and if she had any recommendations for dealing with it. After two rough days/nights, D seems back to normal and his bottom two teeth are plainly visible. Doc said to stay away from Orajel or any numbing agent. Given the FDA warning against benzocaine, I already knew to stay away from these. She didn’t have much additional advice though. Tylenol and teething toys. She said teething doesn’t typically bother babies that much and that parents just seem to attribute all problems to teething, but I know my kid and I know teething HURTS. It’s bone pushing through gum tissue. That hurts, man!

Shots: Baby D had one hepatitis shot at this appointment, as well as an iron test, which meant a little finger prick. His iron levels were 12.1, and anything 10 or above is good, so his iron levels are just fine. Of course he screamed, but only for a minute. Then he was so fascinated by his little blue camo bandaid on his finger, he forgot all about the pain.


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