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9 Months


Goofing around

Weight/Length: 20 lbs exactly and 29 1/2 inches long. Long and lean, greenbean!


9 month check up

Sleep: We’ve been all over the place this month. He was on a great schedule of 8:30pm until almost 8 am but a cold, a night of vomiting thanks to a new food allergy, and teething have messed that up. Now he goes down closer to 9 or 9:30 pm and still wakes up around 8am. Naps are still mostly predictable with naps around 9:30 am, 1pm, and 5 or 6pm.

Feeding: Things are still pretty much the same here. A morning 8oz bottle of formula, a noon meal of fruit puree and oatmeal followed by a 4oz bottle of formula, a 4pm meal of fruit puree and oatmeal and another 4oz bottle, and then a 7:30pm 8 oz bottle. The kid won’t eat veggies to save his life, and remember how last month we thought he had a corn allergy after we fed him some baby food of sweet potatoes and corn? Turns out, it’s the sweet potatoes he’s allergic to. We found this out the hard way the night my mom arrived. I cooked a plain sweet potato, mashed it up with a little water, and served it to him as his evening meal. About 3 or 4 hours later, I fed him his bedtime bottle and as soon as he finished it, everything came back up, including part of the afternoon’s sweet potatoes. Vomitting continued for about 2 hours, most of it dry heaves after the first 4 or 5 times. There was much cuddling that night and I felt so terrible since I’m the one that fed him the sweet potatoes. And a lot of them. I’m not sure why he suddenly has a food allergy to them considering sweet potatoes were his very first food. He’s had them multiple times and only in the last two months has developed a sensitivity to them.


Typical day

Developments:  Oh my gosh I don’t even know where to start! He can push himself into a sitting position on his own. He raises his arms when he wants picked up. He takes big boy baths now, unless I need to wash his hair. On those nights, I put him in the baby tub so he will lay his head back. He loves music and dancing in the mirror with daddy. He claps whenever he’s excited, putting that whole “If you’re happy and you know it” song into perspective. So basically, when he wakes up in the morning – clapping. And when he sees mommy or daddy after a few hours away – clapping.  I swear he said his first word – mama – when he was cranky the other night and wanted me to hold him. But the little booger won’t say it on command. I still try daily though. And the most recent development is his one-armed crawling. He inchworms himself along with one arm while kicking his legs and is able to move pretty fast too. We noticed that if we stack his blocks, even just one on top of the other, he insists on knocking them down. It becomes a fixation almost. If he sees stacked blocks, it is his life’s mission to knock them over. And he’s so fast at it that we sometimes will push his hand out of the way to protect it and he just laughs while reaching over with the other hand. You would think a grown adult could easily restrain a baby from knocking over a few blocks but no. This kid is sneaky and smart. He’s also started crying/whining whenever we finish doing something he likes. Such as reading his favorite books. He even knows when it’s just about to end and on the second to last page, he’ll start whining. It’s hilarious and adorable, but only if he stops after five seconds, which he usually does because we’re onto the next thing. He’s also sporting his two bottom teeth – finally. There were a few brutal days in there this month as a result, but they’re in and growing and he’s in a much better mood. Oh and he does this little grunting thing when he wants our attention. He’ll just make faint little “ugh!” sounds while looking at one of us and does it several times until we make eye contact with him. Then he’ll grin. He’s been doing this for a few months now but I failed to mention it before.

But perhaps my favorite development? He gives kisses. Big, sloppy, open-mouthed kisses. Right on my cheek, my nose, my shoulder…whatever is in reach sometimes. And when we do FaceTime while I’m at work? He will even kiss the phone. It looks more like eating the phone, but I’ve seen him try to eat the remote and it’s definitely not the same. He also kisses some of his stuffed animals. It’s stinkin’ adorable. I guess technically he started doing this last month, but it’s just so much more obvious now and I love it!


Watching some basketball at Buffalo Wild Wings

Firsts This Month: First Super Bowl, first Valentine’s Day, first crawl, first big boy bath, first time in the snow, first official playdate, first tooth, and first word.


Zonked out toward the end of the Super Bowl

Likes: Anything having to do with the dog. Letting the dog out. Letting the dog back in. Feeding the dog. Watching the dog eat. Watching the dog drink. Obsessed, I tell you. He also loves to play our own little version of peek-a-boo. Basically I hold him and his daddy hides behind me and peeks around my head. So I’ll say “Where’s daddy?” and he’ll look over one shoulder or the other until he sees him. Then he smiles or laughs and I’ll say “There’s daddy!” Then “daddy” will move out of view again and I’ll say “Where’s daddy?” and he leans over the other shoulder to look for him. We could play this game all day long. He loves it! Another favorite is clapping. He claps when he’s happy or excited and looks at us to wait for a response. He’s definitely trying to communicate with his clapping.

*new category* Favorite Songs: Believe it or not, he LOVES Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. As soon as the cymbals kick in, he grins from ear to ear. He’s also a big fan of Feel Again by One Republic, and Rhianna’s We Found Love. He also likes “kid” songs such as The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Old MacDonald, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the opening Disney theme music, and the Word World theme song.

*new category* Favorite Toys: The cheapest, simplest toys are his favorite. Blocks, plastic stacker rings, stuffed animals. We bought a little duck bath toy that quacks when squeezed and it never fails to get him to smile. But most of all, he loves his books. Baby Woof Woof, Boy of Mine, Bubbles Bubbles, and Goodnight moon are read to him daily. I bought a couple of Easter books already and am slowly going through the collection of books he was given at one of my baby showers.


In the toy box that his daddy built for him for his first Valentine’s Day

Dislikes:  Usual suspects like being tired, hot, cold, hungry, bored, etc. He also HATES having his boogers sucked out and has screamed at decibles I didn’t even realize were possible for a tiny baby. He’s quickly lost interest in his Baby Einstein exersaucer and pretty much whines as soon as we put him in it, unless I can distract him by blowdrying my hair or doing something else equally as entertaining. He hates all vegetables. Even carrots and squash aren’t his friends. And whenever we stop doing something he likes, whether that’s playing with a toy or ending a book, he’ll whine to let us know of his disapproval.

What I’m Thankful For: It sounds cliche but I’m just so happy he’s growing and thriving right on schedule. He’s figuring things out and I just love watching him learn new things. I’m also looking forward to feeding him more foods and hoping he likes more things than his fruit and oatmeal purees.

What I’m Looking Forward To:  Although we think he said his first words just this week when he said both mama and dada, but I’m excited to hear him say them regularly. I think he knows what they mean, we just have to get him to use them! I’m also looking forward to the spring so we can go on more walks and just do more things outside as a family.


Waving hi

How Mommy’s Doing: Weight Watchers has been a struggle lately. I wish I had a decent excuse, but is “beer is delicious” a good reason? No? Didn’t think so. I really can’t wait for spring, not just for the family bonding time but so I can get out and MOVE. I have big plans to do some serious yardwork which will definitely help me burn a few calories. And with the days getting longer, we’ll be able to squeeze in a few evening walks at the park during the work week. Hopefully the warmer weather will help get me out of this diet and workout rut.

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