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Five on Friday

  • Had lunch with the lovely Julie from I Like Beer and Babies. She introduced me to a new Irish restaurant in the Dogtown area of St. Louis called Seamus McDaniel’s. Neither one of us remembered that it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day and that area of town goes WILD with the festivities, so it was crowded but worth it. We had buffalo chicken salads (not Irish), nor did we drink a “pint”, ┬ábut we sat outside and enjoyed the lovely 70+ degree weather. If only we could’ve said “to hell with work” and stayed out there all day.
  • Did you see what I just said? 70+ degrees? In mid-March? Amazing. Yesterday I saw snow flurries and today I was sweating after a brisk walk to my car. I think it’s going to get cold and nasty again this weekend, but I’ll take what I can get.
  • Last night I went to Time for Dinner again with one of my friends. She brought wine. I can’t think of a better way to be productive during a weeknight than drinking wine and cooking with a friend.
  • My friend Jen and her hubs and son are coming over for dinner on Saturday night. I’m in the mood to be slightly festive, so even though we’re having tacos and key lime cupcakes, the cupcakes will be GREEN. In honor of St. Patty’s Day. What’s great is I can use this exact same meal plan for Cinco de Mayo. Ha.
  • My child is obsessed with this Caesar’s dog food commercial. We’ve played it at least 30 times over the last week and it never fails to get this reaction from him.

Hope your Friday is full of giggles too.

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