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Daddy’s Day

daddysdayMother’s Day and Father’s Day are quickly becoming two of my favorite holidays. Two entire days dedicated to honoring parents.

Last year was hubby’s first official Father’s Day, and the last Father’s Day we celebrated with my grandpa. In fact it was really the last time we had a meaningful conversation with him at all. I gave him a card with pictures of baby D. (What do you get a man who’s dying, can’t get out of bed, and can’t eat anything?) We talked about baseball and watched some of the Cardinals game, trying to avoid talking about the future. Less than two weeks later, he was gone.

So this year we were determined to keep things positive. I woke up a little before 8am, hubby and baby D snoozing beside me. Threw on some jeans and drove to our favorite local donut shop to grab a half dozen donuts.

I came home to find the boys already on the couch, baby D with his bottle. Oops. I made a pot of coffee and gave the hubs his presents – a book of “Awesome Dad Projects” and some personalized golf balls. The golf balls were a much bigger hit than the book. The card went over pretty well too, since it had a pic of a dog that looks like ours. That’s always a surefire win.

This weekend also happened to be free HBO weekend and Field of Dreams was playing, followed by a Rocky marathon. This meant the rest of the morning was spent on the couch. We each made some phone calls to family, put the baby down for a nap, took showers, and got ready for our activity of the day – Grant’s Farm. For those not from St. Louis, Grant’s Farm is a cross between a petting zoo (but bigger) and a real zoo (but smaller) with free beer. Actually the whole thing is free except for the $12 parking. Once you get there, you hop on a train tour to look at animals like wild mustangs, deer, buffalo, longhorns, ostriches, and mountain goats. Once the train drops you off, you walk through an area of goat, duck and chicken feeding, a giant carousel, and around the way, you can even see elephants, and another feeding opportunity, but for camels and llamas. Then, finally, you reach the beer garden where each over 21 adult is given 2 complimentary beers. Food can also be purchased (and it was) and there are a some stables with Clydesdales. It’s one of the better places for families in St. Louis to spend a few hours.

Baby D LOVED the goats and sqwaked at a couple of geese (who sqwaked at him first). We also stopped by the Clydesdale stables on the other end of the parking lot (there are two sets) and one of the horses even let us pet him.

On the way home, we picked up some BBQ ribs for dinner and spent time on the deck catching up with an old neighbor who stopped by the neighborhood to visit.

Then it was bath time, reading time, and bed time. But since we’re still struggling with some sleep issues, I ended up snuggling him in the rocking chair for a good half hour or so and then patting him on the back in his crib until he fell asleep.

And I didn’t mind one bit. 


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