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15 Month Update

20130904-123648.jpgWeight/Length: I should know this but I don’t. 25lbs? Seems average for his age but I don’t have exact measurements.


Sleep: Pretty much the same. Goes to bed between 8 and 8:30 most nights, ends up in our bed once or twice throughout the night, and gets up for the day around 7:30. He’s started dropping his morning nap, or rather, pushing it back until 11 or 12 so that it ends up being his ONLY nap. This makes for a very tired and very cranky baby whenever momma gets home.

Feeding: Soon after his 14 month update was posted, we quit bottles cold turkey and haven’t looked back. It’s been nice not having to wash bottles anymore but we haven’t quite upped our stash of sippy cups so it feels like we’re constantly washing those instead. We only have two that we really like.

We found out the hard way that he’s still allergic to sweet potatoes. Let’s just say I learned my lesson and will now read the back labels of EVERYTHING because you never know when a company will sneak some sweet potatoes in their ingredients. There’s even a technical term for his food allergy called FPIES, which I just learned. Fortunately, the only trigger we’re aware of is sweet potatoes, but still. That was not a fun night.


No mention of sweet potatoes on the front. #1 ingredient on the back. UGH.

Not much else is new on the food front. Not until he gets more teeth anyway.

Developments: Speaking of teeth, for a long time now we’ve had two on bottom and two on top. He’s FINALLY getting two more on top, but it’s a SLOW process. No sign of more bottom teeth or his one-year molars yet.
He’s been waving more. And is better about turning the pages in his baby books, as if he’s actually reading it to himself from front to back. He’s also very much into putting things in baskets or buckets and taking them out again and/or stacking them or balancing things. Of course, he desperately wants to be able to shoot a basketball like daddy, but sadly, the hoop is too high for him still so we have to pick him up and let him dunk it, which he LOVES.
Life is also getting a bit more interesting with all the CLIMBING. We have to watch where we put his little chair because he’ll use it to climb up on the couch. And although he’s been climbing UP the stairs for months now, he’s figured out how to climb back down them. Which, if I’m being honest, I’m really quite excited about because once he can go up and down safely, we can stop fretting over the baby gates.
He’s not saying any new words this month, but his understanding of words is certainly improving. He’ll point to his nose, his hair, and his shoes when asked. He knows the difference between a regular kiss and an Eskimo kiss and it’s so cute to see him lean in for an Eskimo kiss and then giggle when our noses touch. During bath time, he’ll lean his face toward me when I tell him it’s time to wash his face. And when I grab his shoes, he’ll actually stick his foot out for me to put them on. This kid LOVES wearing his shoes. Too bad he still hasn’t mastered the art of walking in them yet. Maybe this month.20130904-123856.jpg

Firsts This Month: First trip to the outlet malls. I feel like there should be more firsts here but I got nothin’.

Likes: Mostly the same stuff – dogs, balls, books, baths – but lately, he’s developed a slight Mickey Mouse obsession. He squeals with delight during the intro to Micky Mouse Clubhouse, and one day I caught him hugging his stuffed Mickey while the show was on. Cutest thing ever. The hubs said he caught him holding two golf balls on his head as ears one day. We took him to the Disney store one weekend and his face just LIT UP when he saw the wall of stuffed Mickeys. We let him carry one around for awhile and he squeezed it so tight. It’s a miracle we walked out of there without buying anything.20130904-123708.jpg

Favorite Songs: Nothing new this month. We need to add some new songs to the rotation. Any suggestions? The Hot Dog Dance from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is its own earworm from hell so we need less annoying songs to get stuck in our heads.

Favorite Toys: Balls, blocks, books – still the same. I’ve started introducing more books into our nightly routine, which D loves. We have two Sesame Street – Little Black Puppy books that has a “hidden” little black puppy on each page. By the end of the second book, D had caught on to the “game” of finding the puppy and giggled each time he found it. We’re still working on “pointing to the puppy”. Sometimes he does it, sometimes he just looks at it and giggles without pointing. Regardless, it’s been a fun little addition to our bedtime routine.

On one hand, I feel like our house is filled with baby toys, but on the other, I feel like maybe we don’t have enough. Our living room is small and already feels overly cluttered with toys, though some of them he’s outgrown. Any advice for best toys for a almost 1.5 yr old?20130904-123733.jpg

Dislikes: Being told no. I’ve been getting a small glimpse into our near future of tantrums and terrible twos. If we open the refrigerator and we close it before he can crawl over to it, he throws a fit. He wants to play in the fridge SO BADLY. He will also throw an all-out tantrum when he can’t push his beach ball up the stairs or fit in his playhouse with it. It’s made me consider just taking the beach ball away entirely since it’s such a point of frustration these days. (ED to add: I did. He doesn’t miss it.) Most of the time, he’s a pretty laid-back, happy little dude though so I really can’t complain.20130904-123805.jpg

What I’m Thankful For: This month was my last for getting to work from home one day a week. While I’ll mourn the loss of that day, I’m grateful I had that flexibility for the last 10 months. That’s about 40 extra days at home with my boy. I’m not saying it hasn’t been more difficult lately to focus on work and also make sure he’s not in the corner sucking on a piece of dog food, but it was a great experience while it lasted.

What I’m Looking Forward To: In the next week or two, we’ll be making a decision on a daycare. While I’m actually not excited about this part at all, I am excited about the big picture: D will be able to play with kids his own age for several hours, two days a week. And my husband will have two full days a week to focus on his business, which I’m very excited about because its success could be huge for our little family.

How Mommy’s Doing: I’ve been TIRED this month. But I’ve also been going to bed earlier and getting plenty of me-time in the evenings after D goes to bed. I finished Gone Girl in record time (for me). We had a really crappy few weeks earlier this month, following the death of my MIL, but we’re ending it on a high note, getting things figured out, adjusting routines and plans and planning for a lot of big life events in the coming months, like all this TRAVELING we have coming up, our annual Halloween party and a bunch of other stuff! So a lot of good things on the horizon and I’m truly excited about the future.


Happy 15 months baby boy!

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