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The Second Time A-ROUND

Written 8/29/13

I’ve heard it said that women start to show a lot earlier in their second pregnancies. It’s like the body instantly “remembers” the shape it’s supposed to take when you’re pregnant again and wastes no time in re-acclimating itself to that shape.

Oddly enough, this fact hasn’t really bothered me much. Until now. Nearly 11 weeks in. ¬†When I walked by a store window on my way to grab lunch, wearing a slightly form-fitting dress, what I saw in the reflection was CLEARLY a pregnant woman. ¬†There’s no hiding it anymore, not that I was even trying to hide it to begin with because I wasn’t aware that there was anything there to hide just yet! Looks like I’m going to have to spill the beans at 11 weeks instead of 12.

The first time around, I remember IMing with my colleague-in-another-city and friend, C, who was maybe two weeks behind me, and talking about the changing shape of our bodies. I was so fearful that my boss and coworkers would figure out my growing secret, just by the look of my midsection. I wanted to hold out until 12 weeks, but wasn’t sure if I could. Surely everyone would already suspect it! C was having the same dilemma. A petite woman already, baby #2 was making himself known FAST so she started spilling her secret around her own office well before the 12 week mark and even before I told my own boss and colleagues.

I made it to 12 weeks before making my big announcement with D. I expected to hear a bunch of “I wondered if you were!” or “I suspected as much!” but everyone was genuinely surprised. Or at least, they were kind enough to let me think that.

This time, I don’t think I’ll get the same reaction.

On top of my rapidly changing appearance, I can actually FEEL my organs shifting and my uterus expanding. My belly will feel faintly sore or swollen from time to time but it won’t be anything food or digestion related. So I guess I should’ve expected to see the results of all that movement a tad bit sooner. I have a permanent “muffin top”.

Right about now is when you would expect to see a belly shot. Well, I’m not that brave at the moment so this will have to do.


Or maybe this one is more fitting:muffintop700

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