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30 Days of Thankful: Day 1

Today I’m thankful for having a 17 month old who’s the best little traveler I know. Nine hours in a car and he did it like a champ. The newly acquired Mickey Mouse probably helped.


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1. Despite pouring rain and crazy wind, the trick-or-treaters still came out in droves. I’m so glad because we had A LOT of candy to get rid of. The only slightly annoying thing was the little girl – about 8 yrs old, so old enough to know better – that kept digging her hand in my candy bowl while I was trying to hand out candy to the rest of her crew. So she walked away with about 10 fun size bars while everyone else got 2 a piece. Oh and whoever stole our glow sticks that we had lighting our walkway to our door. There were only 3 of them, but still. Those weren’t for taking, kids!

2. Since D is still too young for trick-or-treating, we didn’t want to put a ton of effort into his costume this year. But lack of effort doesn’t mean he still wasn’t the cutest little basketball player around! See for yourself.


3. For dinner, I tried a new lasagna stuffed spaghetti squash that I found on Pinterest. I didn’t follow the directions in that link AT ALL though. I did my own lazy version, which is:

– Preheat oven to 375.

– Pierce squash and microwave for at least 5 minutes to get it a bit soft so it’s easier to slice in half.

– Slice squash and clean out seeds

– Rub olive oil and sprinkle garlic salt on the inside, then turn cut side down on a baking sheet and put it in the oven for about an hour.

– Mix half ricotta cheese and half cottage cheese (I just eyeballed this so I can’t tell you exactly how much but probably about 1.5 cups of each).

– Fill squash halves about 3/4 full, then fill the rest with meat sauce. (I used a chunky meat sauce instead of just plain spaghetti or pasta sauce.)

– Top with mozzarella and pop back in the oven for another 10-15 minutes or until the cheese has melted and starts to brown.

– Enjoy a low-carb dinner that uses about half the cheese and sauce that a lot of those other spaghetti squash recipes use.

4. Here’s proof that you’re never too old to stop playing with your food.

1452473_10151687833242051_1875130283_n 1395139_10151687833337051_1900909915_n

5. D turned 17 months on the 30th and at 17 months and 1 day, on Halloween night, FINALLY decided to start walking. And we’re not just talking a couple of steps here and there. He did that about a month ago but wouldn’t do it consistently. But this time, he was walking EVERYWHERE. We caught it on video after he’d already been walking for a couple of minutes but it was with my hubby’s phone using the Instagram app. I can’t seem to share it here but if we’re friends on Facebook, go to my page and you can see it there. Oh well I’m sure I’ll get more video of it and post it eventually. It was totally unexpected too since we spent an hour at the physical therapist that same day and he refused to take more than one step for her the entire time. But I am SO RELIEVED and so very proud of him.

Happy Friday and I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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