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17 Month Update

A little late this month, but better late than never, right? (photos at the end)

Weight/Length: We haven’t measured since his 16 month update but since he was 24lbs at that checkup, I’m guessing he’s around 25-26lbs.

Sleep: I’m happy to report that we’ve made some improvements in regards to co-sleeping. I would say 5 out of 7 nights, D is in his crib from the time he goes to bed until the time we get up. There were a few nights when we were either out of town or he was teething so we brought him to our bed, but otherwise, he stays in his crib. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t cry out at least 2-3 times throughout the night, but most of the time he’ll cry for a couple of minutes before falling back asleep. Not sure if he’s having bad dreams or teething or what, but if it goes on longer than 5 minutes, one of us will usually cave and go get him.

Naps are anywhere between 1.5-3 hrs long, and just once a day. Usually right after lunch. Which is funny because that’s exactly when I would like to take a nap too.

Feeding: We’re in a bit of a food rut, but his meals basically go like this:

  • Morning: Milk and a full-size Nutragrain granola bar. Sometimes cereal or fruit, like a banana.
  • Lunch: Yogurt and PB sandwich and fruit; sometimes chicken nuggets and fruit or baby ravioli with water to drink.
  • 4pm: snackable foods – crackers, fruit, yogurt melts, baby food pouch, etc. Water to drink throughout the day.
  • 7:30pm: Usually whatever we’re having, unless it’s super spicy. Then it’s mac & cheese, nuggets, pasta, or PB sandwich and a big cup of milk.

Developments: After yet another month of no improvements in the walking department, we took him to his first physical therapy appointment. On the second appointment, he was fitted for shoe inserts with instructions for him to build up to wearing them around 6 hours a day. After roughly 2 weeks, there was still almost zero improvement. His 3rd PT appointment was on Oct. 31, one day after turning 17 months, and even though he wouldn’t take a single step for the therapist, he took off walking down the hallway that night and hasn’t stopped! But for the purposes of this entry, I guess I can’t claim “walking!!” until next month’s post.

He also knows all of his body parts now – ears, hair, nose, toes, tummy, mouth, eyes… I ask him ALL THE TIME to show me his nose, or his toes, and it’s just the cutest thing ever to watch him grab his foot or point to his nose (and subsequently stick his finger up his nostril. ha!).

Firsts This Month: First trip to Colorado!

Likes: All the same things: Baths, books, dogs, balls, Mickey Mouse, shoes, the iPad or our iPhones, music, and swinging, and singing. Especially when mommy singes her own version of the Hokey Pokey while putting on his pajamas every night.

Favorite Songs: The aforementioned Hokey Pokey Pajama Song is probably a new one.

Favorite Toys: After seeing these bead mazes at the therapist’s office and at a daycare we toured, we realized he was OBSESSED with them. I always thought those toys were boring and a waste of space, but apparently they are huge hits with toddlers. So we bought one. And it hasn’t failed to keep him entertained for at least several minutes every day.

We bought this Melissa & Doug bead maze on Amazon and D couldn’t be happier with it.


Dislikes: We’re still dealing with a bit of stranger anxiety. This applies to adults as well as other kids, which has made playdates a teensy bit awkward since my kid prefers to play alone, far away from the other children. Hoping this is just a very temporary phase. Related, he also hates sharing.

What I’m Thankful For: We took two trips out of town this month, one via plane and one via 9 hr car ride ONE WAY, and I’m so glad D travels so well. We suffered through plane delays and missed naps, car rental issues and a Pike’s Peak train tour that meant VERY high altitudes and D took it all like a champ. No major meltdowns, no sleeping issues (since he slept in bed with us for both trips), and I couldn’t be happier with how awesome he was on both trips. 

What I’m Looking Forward To: If I’d written this the day he turned 17 months, I would’ve said “WALKING!” But now that we’re here, I’m going to say the holidays. We’ve got so much fun planned for this month so I’m looking forward to doing ALL THE THINGS as this will be our last holiday season as a family of 3.

How Mommy’s Doing: I won’t do a full pregnancy update since I usually take care of those in separate posts, but I will say that I’m just loving watching D learn new things. I’m soaking in his baby-ness while it’s still there and sometimes find myself urging time to just stop so I can soak it in a little bit longer. Sometimes I look at him and think, “He’s growing into such a little man!” and other times, like when he’s in his diaper with his paci in his mouth, he’s still my tiny baby. This parenting thing can be a bit surreal at times, filled with so many different feelings and emotions, all happening at the very same time. You want them to grow and learn and at the same moment you’re feeling so proud, you’re freaking out about time and where did it all go and OH MY GOD TURN BACK INTO A BABY PLEASE! Or maybe that’s just my hormones talking.


On the train for Pike’s Peak


Sweet sleeping boy


At the Coors Brewery Tour in Golden, CO with papaw


Is there anything cuter than a baby in overalls?


Just chillin’.


His collection of balls. He’s like Scrooge McDuck in his money bin.


Daddy and D playing with the balance swing at the PT’s office.

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30 Days of Thankful: Day 13

One of the easiest things to take for granted is one’s job. Very few people LOVE to go to work. I mean, it’s why they pay you to do it. No one will do it for free. But I love my job for more than just the paycheck and insurance benefits that come with it. I get to work on some pretty incredible brands, alongside some of the smartest people I’ve ever met. That’s not to say my office environment has always been puppies and rainbows. Everyone has their fair share of “toxic personalities” in their office and if you’re fortunate, they only stick around for a couple of years at most. But last night, as I was looking around the room during a work happy hour, I didn’t see a single person I didn’t like. And that’s refreshing. After working for the same company for what will be 10 years come January, it’s frankly unheard of. I know it won’t always be this way, but I’m going to enjoy the happiness and harmony while it lasts.


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